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Almost all people like traveling. First of all, I usually have long walks in the country on foot. If I want to see the country – side, I have to spend a part of the summer holidays on hikes. It is very useful.I take my rucksack, I don’t think about tickets, I don’t hurry up and I walk a lot. During such hikes I see a lot of interesting things, interesting places, sometimes I meet interesting people.

Traveling by transport is interesting, too. I prefer traveling by car. It is interesting to travel by car because during the car - traveling I can see many things in a short


It is comfortable to travel by train and by plane. When I travel by train, I don’t spend a lot of time going from one place to another. But it is difficult to buy tickets for the plane. That’s why I take out tickets beforehand. I like to fly. If I travel by train or by plane my friends see me off at the railway station or in the airport.

Sometimes I go to the seaside for a few days. As usual the weather is fine. It is warm, I can swim.

I like to travel by sea. Some years ago I took a cruise along the Black Sea cost, from Sochi to Sukhumi on board the liner “Russia”. We came to Sochi by train. Then I went to the seaport and saw our ship. It was big. I remember this ship and our cabin. Our cabin was comfortable. It had got two berths, a table, two chairs and one wide window and the warm wind was blowing through it There was fresh air in our cabin during all the voyage. We had breakfast, dinner and supper on board the ship. When it was time to have meals we went to the restaurant. The weather was fine. I liked watching waves and other ships. This voyage impressed me for all my life.

I think that traveling is a very useful thing for us and I enjoy all kinds of traveling very much.


My first journey

For some people there is nothing so exciting as traveling, and I’m not an exception. And I’m happy that I have traveled a lot and I hope that my first journey wasn’t the last one.

First I bought a ticket for plane. Many people think, that nothing can be compared with traveling by air, because it is the most comfortable, and, of course, the quickest way of moving. There is none of the dust and dirt of a railway or car journey, none of the trouble of changing from train of another to streamer and then to another train. But booking tickets in summer is a problem. The air-fare is quite expensive and not all people can afford it.

Then I continued my way by the train. This kind of transport has also many advantages. With a train you have a comfort and speed combined. From a comfortable corner seat of a railway carriage you have a splendid view of a countryside.
If you are hungry you can have a meal in the dinning-car and if the journey is long one can have a bed in a sleeper.

But I believe that there is no travel so fine as by ship. It’s wonderful to feel the deck of the ship under the feet, to see the rise and fall of the waves, to feel the fresh sea wind blowing in the face, hear the cry of the sea-gulls. Of course, the voyage isn’t exciting for those who are sea-sick when the sea is a little bit rough.

Many people say: «Give me a walking tour any time». And it is not surprising. The walker leaves the dull, broad highway and goes along little winding lanes where cars can’t go. He takes mountain paths through the heather, he wonders by the side of quiet lakes and through the shades of woods.

He sees the real country, the wild flowers, the young birds in their nests, the deer in the forest, he feels the quietness and calm of nature. And besides, you are saving a lot of money by traveling on foot. No one can deny that walking is the cheapest method of traveling.


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