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Personal identification

My family is rather large: we are five. There are my grandparents, my parents and myself.

I would like to introduce meself. I am 13. I am a pupil of a gymnasium 155 in Saint-Petersburg. I am a rather good pupil. I learn some foreign languages: English and French. I am interested in foreign languages. There is a story how I began to be interested in it.

When I was 7, I have entered in a special school for music-talented children, named "Tutti". There, I studied violin as the speciality, and as all the pupils, piano. When I was 9, I had to change for school. I have gone off and I have entered in a special school with a good reputation name. That is there I am studying at the time. I have just said that I haven't studied French never before. Except French classes 5 times of a six-day school week I had to study it with a tutor 3 times a week. Thanks to that splendid tutor I have wonderfully studied the two-years program in the half-year time.

But in that time I have became fond of foreign languages. And so I began to study English and French courses out of school. There I have learned many useful things. In that time I have finished my studies with tutors. I also have begun to study the history of the Russian language.

And now I continue my studies at courses.

So, I think it's time to describe myself.

My main hobbies are reading, making video films, taking pictures, studying foreign languages and music. The last hobby I have had owned began in the last summer. I am making the websites for those who study foreign languages. You can find them on and

They say that I am steady, man of humour, intellectual, responsive, tactful, sociable, humane. In my opinion, I really have some shortages that I want to correct.

 It seems that I have said anything I wanted.


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