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Weather forecasts are important for people. Farmers and sailors, for example, are very interested in them. Farmers can lose their harvests because of too much or too little rain and sailors may get into trouble because of heavy wind. People all over the world want to know what the weather is going to be . In different seasons we wear different clothes. And when we are going out we should know what clothes we would put on. In summer we put on light clothes: T-shirt, blouse, dress, shorts. If it rains we would have an umbrella or a raincoat. In winter we put on warm clothes: fur hat and fur coat, sweater, trousers (pants - AmE) or jeans.

People like it when the weekend weather is fine. In summer, for example, if there's a lot of sunshine it's good for picnics. In winter if there's a lot of snow and light frost it's good for skiing and skating. People can listen to weather forecasts several times a day. They can get this information on the radio and TV. Sometimes the forecast isn't quite right because it's not an easy thing to forecast the weather. Weathermen, whose scientific title is meteorologists, collect information from weather stations (planes, ships, satellites in space). They receive data 24 hours a day. Weathermen analyze that information and try to understand what the weather would be like in the next few days.

People can make their own predictions about the weather if they watch their barometers from day to day. When the barometer shows high pressure in summer, it will be hot sunny days, maybe misty in the mornings. In winter it would be frosty and cool. When the barometer shows low pressure in summer, it would be cloudy and rainy with strong winds and snow in winter.


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