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(1991)N.W.A. - Efil4zaggin/Approach to Danger

Название(1991)N.W.A. - Efil4zaggin/Approach to Danger
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Artist: N.W.A
Album:  Efil4zaggin
Song:   Approach to Danger
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[Eazy-E speaking softly]
What you want, is an unexpected approach
That may delay a suspect's awareness, of your presence
Until you have a chance to assess
the situation, you are confronted

[Eazy] Approach to danger... don't move
"It's hard to predict what would happen next"
(Oh shit, he has a gun!) Drop the gun
[Eazy] You could've prevented a tragedy

[MC Ren]
You can approach, but the danger light is blinkin
A self-desctruct button is activated when I'm thinkin
This is a tribulation, the weak is judged
The prophecy was fulfilled, cause I never budge
I took up the tools, crucifixion was the extreme
They're seein doubles of me, but it wasn't a dream
One vision was of life, the other was death
And life didn't give a fuck if death took your last breath
So you burn in my pit that I call hell
Where you got sent, because your shit don't sell
My twenty-twenty was blurry from the smoke
of the niggaz that I burned and tormented but I didn't choke
I started doin 'em, I kept on doin 'em
Two of 'em, shoot 'em up 'til that nigga Ren was through with 'em
And my presence to the suckers was of a stranger
But fuck it, they can approach to the danger

[Eazy-E speaking softly]
If you can be seen, you can be hit
If you can be hit, you can be killed
(He's on the line! Shoot him!)

Dre] Fatal approach to danger, just to remain a strangler Out run, the shot of a gun when the game's up Murder in the first degree, but it's worse to be a dead motherfucker or a nigga in custody With everybody thinkin of death I kept workin, to be one of the last niggaz left So many people lookin for hope, they broke without checkin the fingerprints on a motherfucker's throat A heart of steel can reveal the real nigga in me So figure to see, the D-E-A-D Bodies like a nigga straight walkin in a cemetary So it's very necessary to carry Ammunition for niggaz wishin but they better take caution Before Dre goes off and starts killin motherfuckers just in order to change the anger for the real nigga when I approach to danger [interlude] Approach the motherfuckin danger ("Come back to hell and see me some time!") ("This is it y'all") [Eazy-E] Final approach to danger, death, destruction around every corner Another dead body and you wanna keep runnin But even the rain turns black All you can do is stay alert and try to stay out of the searchlight No prison, nobody makes bail Everybody gotta go but see it ain't no jail Think about death, takin your last breath Heart beatin like a motherfucker like it ain't no time left With so many ways to stay up, I gotta get mine Even though they wanna make a crime, yo of bein real, a federal letter in the beginnin Because of the release of "Fuck the Police" Fuck it I approach the danger Cause I don't give a fuck if somebody gotta get fucked up So you might as well kiss your ass goodbye Cause in the long run ("we all die")


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