(1993)It's on (dre) 187Um Killa/Still a Nigga

Название(1993)It's on (dre) 187Um Killa/Still a Nigga
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Artist: Eazy-E
Album:  187um Dre It's On
Song:   Still a Nigga

("Str8 off tha streetx of Compton,dedicated and by most suckas
hated. But I got something I want you mutha fuckas to know I
really dont give a fuck,hahaha.")

Niggaz aint shit in the 90's I dont trustem and bitches on my
dick but they aint shit so mutha fuckem. Eazy knows whats up cuz
see he really dont give a fuck cuz it dont concern me if dont
pertain to money or a nut. But then again I talk to a few of my
friends 9 times outta 10 bout some endz or some skinz. Cuz Im tha
type of nigga that gotta have it like a rabbit,rappn is my hustle
bustn ho's is a habbit.I stab it like a true no good nigga
should,I do it the way a down OG nigga would. And now Niggaz know
Eric Wright aint no busta,Another platnium cut from tha Compton
Thugsta, My name is "Eazy-E"

"Eazy Mutha Fuckn E, A real Nigga, Born and Raised in Mutha Fuckn
Compton, This ones dedicated to you busta ass niggaz ,you know
who you are. Smoke a fat ass joint to this BITCH!!!HAHAHAH"

I dont think Im all this or that but Im all me original Gangsta
E-A-Z-Y-E. Down from tha Jump now Im ending with tha bizya,still
rollin in my 6-4 on them thizangs. Do wicked shit,cuz shit is
wicked on the streetz and from what my eyes see the wickedness
will never cease. Bitches on my dick and ya know Im running yall
so ya just sold your soul to tha mutha fuckn devils son in law.
Wicked as could be Eazy-E got tha flow.LEAVING A SMELL OF DEATH
ON THA ROW FOR SURE(or Show). And a ho cant make me or break me
but she can take me to a motel and work a niggaz smell.Cuz Im

"Yeah,suck on these nutz mutha fucka's, Get with tha real and
quit faking tha funk. And oh yeah,stay off my dick,haha,really

I let my demons loose when I hit tha 8 juice, and I leave a trail
of stiff's when Im high off of a spliffs.Niggaz talk shit so I
talk a lot of shit to, Niggaz want diss fuck them and their whole
In fact nigga thank ya for stocking a niggaz bank up yeah Im living swell but Im gangsta like Dresta,no NOT tha Doctor,physician,or the MD, Dresta's an OG Doc is a PHONY. Only the real real can chill with me and tha rest cant fuck with E. Cuz Im tha OG that'll bring ya down,tha devils son in law KING of tha underground. Good to go with tha flow that I throw,giving ya more to let a mutha fucka know. That I can get wreck on tha set and make ya slow cuz yeah know I aint a joke Im a mutha fuckn Loc and my name is "EAZY-E" "Eazy Mutha Fuckn E,but you bitches can just call me E.A real nigga from tha CPT. Kickn ass and asking questions later...Oh yeah,dont get smoked Loc...And Im out.....Mutha Fucka's (echo Mutha Fucka's)"


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