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Дата конвертации29.07.2012
Размер2.65 Kb.
2. /ambush.txt
3. /artifact.txt
4. /bahdm.txt
5. /blkns.txt
6. /dsv.txt
7. /inductn.txt
8. /mb1.txt
9. /phthp.txt
10. /restempl.txt
11. /retres.txt
12. /rivrdead.txt
13. /zdmatt01.txt
14. /zdmatt02.txt
Title:             Dsv
filename:          dsv.zip
Author:            Samuel A. Villarreal
Email:             Stealfka@hotmail.com
Additional Credits to:      Sbsoftware for the best level editor!
Map Replace:       01-32

*Play Information*

Single Player:           Yes
Cooperative:             Yes but not tested
Deathmatch:              Yes but not tested
Difficulty Settings:     Yes
New sounds:              Yes
New graphics:            Yes
New Music:               Yes
Demos Replaced:          Yes
Engine:			 Doom2,Zdoom,Boom,Mbf,Legacy,and Smmu and Retres.wad from 								  www.teamtnt.com	


Base:                    Built from scratch
Build time:              5 months
Programs used:           Deepsea10.11,Deepsea10.20,Mspaint,Windeu,Mipdip,Howies'quickscreen 
Known Bugs:              Demo may be out of sync in Boom mode.

Authors may use this wad to build addtional levels( be sure to give credits that I made those levels ) Authors may also distribute this wad in all format: (Web,cd,floppy,Etc. but be sure to include this file)

Where to get this wad: ftp cdrom.com

The Story:
Its 2:00 Am and you just got back after a hard days work of killing the demons of hell that tried to take over the world. People returned at the base to do some more research. You sat down on a couch and began to sleep until you heard someone shout. As you got up a zombie appeared, it looked like one of those shotgun guys but they were in blue clothing. You whipped out your BFG and realized that it had no affect on it! But one of your buddies came out with this black pistol and gunned the new monster down. You and the researchers noticed that a new evil force rised and it has took over Hell's solders and upgraded them. They call the new source DSV.
DSV has taken over half of your base and wants to use it to rule the world! Armed with that new pistol that came from DSV's world, you enter further into your base hearing the familier echos you came to know and love. Episode Description: 1-UAC Base 2-The Demon Village 3-DSV's World Weapon Description: Black Python: Pistol Twin Slaughter: Chainsaw DSV Shotgun: Shotgun 4 barrel Shell Launcher: 2x Shotgun Canister Shooter: Rocket Launcher Plasma Gun-2nd model: Plasma gun Holy Cross: BFG 9000 Ak47: Chaingun Readme: There are times you might get stuck but there are ways to get pass the puzzles. (Especially map25) This wad has some Doom 64 themes in it too! I hope you will enjoy this wad, I went through alot of hell to make it! Enjoy! S.V. Dsv3 coming soon!

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