Ain't Got Time

НазваниеAin't Got Time
Дата конвертации10.08.2012
Размер426 b.
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Ain't Got Time

AinСt got time
You ain1t got time

AinСt got time to say Goodbye
Feel so free my musicСs got me back

We got to teach you
bomb the beat y1all

Get off your feet, yeah you appear
give me your tears, 'cos we1re all going mad

Take me miles away from home

Invisible dreams, becoming true
faces unknown, emotions eye to eye

Take me miles away from home
Vizar (


Ain\Large Hadron Collider is it safe for our planet or not? Let’s compare the facts
«When cosmic rays bombarding the Earth from time to time they are energetically equivalent to collisions on the lhc»
Ain\Bottled Up Inside It ain't fading

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2. /Ain't My Crime.txt

Ain\Oh, I like to sleep till noon-time every day, Oh, she likes to sleep till noon-time every day

Ain\Party time

Ain\One More Time Always it's coming

Ain\We've got no time to lose

Ain\Oh my love for the first time in my life

Ain\Here to Stay This time, I'm taking it away

Ain\Higher Than Hope Time it took the most of me

Ain\A long time ago I never knew myself

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