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Anne Claire

НазваниеAnne Claire
Дата конвертации10.08.2012
Размер839 b.
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Anne Claire

Weak her bones, cold her breath
Praying fearfully in the moment of death
Feels the sleep coming near
Tries to keep her eyes open and clear
Through the dark, there's the sound she fears

Anne Claire, that is no love you got to share
Anne Claire, going into a sad lag of flair

Easy meet placed in an ugly game
Lights a candle for an endless shame
Your love is her pain, growing to hate
R.I.P. for rape, she's no longer your

Repeat chorus

Does she turn you on
Diggin in her wound it's done

Go down on your Knees
Pray for all your sins
Be ready to join your last lesson
Be ready to join your last kiss

Repeat chorus

Does she turn you on
Diggin in her wound it's done

Good bye, good bye my poor boy
Good boy, good boy, no more toys
Vizar (


Anne Claire icon'Yes!' said Claire, laughing now

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