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1. /Morbid Angel/Formulas Fatal To The Flesh (1998)/01-Heaving Earth.rtf
2. /Morbid Angel/Formulas Fatal To The Flesh (1998)/02-Prayer Of Hatred.rtf
3. /Morbid Angel/Formulas Fatal To The Flesh (1998)/03-Bil Ur-Sag.rtf
4. /Morbid Angel/Formulas Fatal To The Flesh (1998)/04-Nothing Is Not.rtf
5. /Morbid Angel/Formulas Fatal To The Flesh (1998)/05-Chambers Of Dis.rtf
6. /Morbid Angel/Formulas Fatal To The Flesh (1998)/08-Hellspawn- The Rebirth.rtf
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8. /Morbid Angel/Formulas Fatal To The Flesh (1998)/11-Invocation Of The Continual One.rtf
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10. /Morbid Angel/Gateways To Annihilation (2000)/03-Ageless, Still I Am.rtf
11. /Morbid Angel/Gateways To Annihilation (2000)/04-He Who Sleeps.rtf
12. /Morbid Angel/Gateways To Annihilation (2000)/05-To The Victor The Spoils.rtf
13. /Morbid Angel/Gateways To Annihilation (2000)/06-At One With Nothing.rtf
14. /Morbid Angel/Gateways To Annihilation (2000)/07-Opening Of The Gates.rtf
15. /Morbid Angel/Gateways To Annihilation (2000)/08-Secured Limitations.rtf
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20. /Morbid Angel/Heretic (2003)/03-Beneath The Hollow.rtf
21. /Morbid Angel/Heretic (2003)/04-Curse The Flesh.rtf
22. /Morbid Angel/Heretic (2003)/05-Praise The Strength.rtf
23. /Morbid Angel/Heretic (2003)/06-Stricken Arise.rtf
24. /Morbid Angel/Heretic (2003)/09-God Of Our Own Divinity.rtf
25. html">/Morbid Angel/Heretic (2003)/10-Within Thy Enemy.rtf
Heaving Earth
Prayer Of Hatred
You quake the earth
Nothing Is Not
Chambers Of Dis
Hellspawn: The Rebirth
Covenant Of Death
Invocation Of The Continual One
Summoning Redemption
Ageless, Still I am
He Who Sleeps
To The Victor The Spoils
At One With Nothing
Opening Of The Gates
Secured Limitations
I am the void of light, silence, I am the dawn of time
God Of The Forsaken
Cleansed In Pestilence (Blade Of Elohim)
Enshrined By Grace
Beneath The Hollow
Curse The Flesh
Praise The Strength
Stricken Arise
God Of Our Own Divinity
Within Thy Enemy

Heaving Earth

Before that which is, all was not

Less the Sweet Waters of Habsu

Chthhulhu Amah-Ushumgal-Anna

Triumvirate of Most High

Spirits of the Deep Waters, remember

Humbaba, Lord of the Forest, remember

From the Sweet Bitter, all that is came

Creation of man and their gods

But man, fashioning overwhelm

Could not see the Light which he holds

Spirits of Purifying Flames, remember

Anunna, Gods of the Skies, remember

Anunnaki, Judges of Ur, remember

Anunnaki, Weighers of the Truth, be praised

The gift of flesh

Was in fact life's curse

Although born one in the same

In Spirit, but the flesh all too coarse

Discord, among the gods of men

Although they were brothers

Diversities grew

Overshadowing their connection

On the clearest of days they are

One in the same

Pettiest of purpose

Degenerates things to their crudest form

Being loathsome to Habsu

Zi-Zi Badur-Ku-Ku, Kanpa

(Rise up and be Active O Most Sweetest Waters and remember!)

Warring, in the Belly of Tiamat

Brothers do battle

Principalities of folly

Disturbs the Mummu

The One Who Bore All was

Appalled by their ways

Her Dream Time was of no peace

Their fleshly behavior

Overbearing and proud

She despised them

Zi Zi Anunnaki, Kanpa

(Rise up and be Active O Judges of the

Most High Righteousness and Remember!)

The Ways of the Underworld are Perfect

Not to be questioned by that of the brute

Clearly beyond the understanding

Of that which is ruled by the drives of the flesh

For whom shall then oppose

The Lights of Asag, Purifying Flames

Come child, the Anunnaki wait

Truth is the Weapon no pity it holds

The ways of the flesh

Barbaric behavior patterns

Flesh over Spirit, the motivator of the worthless

The ways of the flesh

The evolution is minimal

I watch as your kingdoms rise and fall

Causing no effective change

Your military

Command structure of impotence

A gross misuse of force

By leaders who lack in vision

Your gods

Evidence of your weakness

Your focus is one with delusion

You worship that which means your end

Rise up, O Mahummuhu

The Judgement is passed

The treachery is clear

They shalt become empty like the wind

The emptiest of shells so shall they be

O Great Mother

The Armies shall rise with Weapons

No pity they hold

From Your Great Mummu

The Serpents shall come

Venom for blood

And the Glory of Gods

Spirits of the Flames, remember

Anunna, Gods of the Skies, remember

Anunnaki, Judges of Ur, remember

Anunnaki, Weighers of Truth, be praised

English translate:

Mahummuhu Gal-Gal

Me-Gal-Gal-Zu Ga Hul


Me-Gal-Gal-Zu Ga Hul

O Most Precious Mother

It Is Thine, Most Precious Divine Order In Which I Celebrate!


It Is Thine, Most Precious Divine Order In Which I Celebrate!


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