Ain't My Crime

НазваниеAin't My Crime
Дата конвертации10.08.2012
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Ain't My Crime

I Don't Believe A Word, I Know You Tell Me Lies
Just watch me flip the bird, right in your lyin' eyes
You just can't figure out, why i'm the way i am
I'm low-life born and bred, and i don't give a damn

I've had enough, i'm stepping out of line
Ain't gonna stop me babe, you ain't worth a dime
You nearly had me fooled, wastin' my time
You might've broke my heart
And if you broke my heart
I know it ain't my crime

I'm here to tell you, was here and now i'm gone
You need a wages slave, but i sure ain't the one
I'm moving off the lot, just hire another act
I don't need what you got, that ain't where i'm at

Repeat chorus

Just show me the door, here i go again
I seen it all before, happens now and then
No tears in your eyes, sure ain't none in mine
Two people in disguise, frozen in time
Vizar (



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