Why's my blood race

НазваниеWhy's my blood race
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1. /W.A.S.P/1984 - Wasp/02-I Wanna Be Somebody.rtf
2. /W.A.S.P/1984 - Wasp/03-L.O.V.E. Machine.rtf
3. /W.A.S.P/1984 - Wasp/04-The Flame.rtf
4. /W.A.S.P/1984 - Wasp/05-B.A.D..rtf
5. /W.A.S.P/1984 - Wasp/06-School Daze.rtf
6. /W.A.S.P/1984 - Wasp/07-Hellion.rtf
7. /W.A.S.P/1984 - Wasp/08-Sleeping (In The Fire).rtf
8. /W.A.S.P/1984 - Wasp/09-On Your Knees.rtf
9. /W.A.S.P/1984 - Wasp/10-Tormentor.rtf
10. /W.A.S.P/1984 - Wasp/11-The Torture Never Stops.rtf
11. /W.A.S.P/1984 - Wasp/12-Show No Mercy (Bonus).rtf
12. /W.A.S.P/1984 - Wasp/13-Paint It Black (Bonus).rtf
13. /W.A.S.P/1985 - The Last Command/01-Wild Child.rtf
14. /W.A.S.P/1985 - The Last Command/02-Ballcrusher.rtf
15. /W.A.S.P/1985 - The Last Command/03-Fistfull Of Diamonds.rtf
16. /W.A.S.P/1985 - The Last Command/04-Jack Action.rtf
17. /W.A.S.P/1985 - The Last Command/05-Widowmaker.rtf
18. /W.A.S.P/1985 - The Last Command/07-Cries In The Night.rtf
19. /W.A.S.P/1985 - The Last Command/08-The Last Command.rtf
20. /W.A.S.P/1985 - The Last Command/09-Running Wild In The Street.rtf
21. /W.A.S.P/1985 - The Last Command/10-Sex Drive.rtf
22. /W.A.S.P/1985 - The Last Command/11-Mississippi Queen (Bonus).rtf
23. /W.A.S.P/1985 - The Last Command/12-Savage (Bonus).rtf
24. /W.A.S.P/1985 - The Last Command/13-On Your Knees (Live'84 Bonus).rtf
25. /W.A.S.P/1985 - The Last Command/14-Hellion ( Live'84 Bonus).rtf
26. /W.A.S.P/1985 - The Last Command/15-Sleeping ( Live'84 Bonus).rtf
27. /W.A.S.P/1985 - The Last Command/17-I Wanna Be Somebody ( Live'84 Bonus).rtf
28. /W.A.S.P/1986 - Inside The Electric Circus/01-The Big Welcome.rtf
/W.A.S.P/1986 - Inside The Electric Circus/02-Inside The Electric Circus.rtf
30. /W.A.S.P/1986 - Inside The Electric Circus/03-I Don't Need No Doctor.rtf
31. /W.A.S.P/1986 - Inside The Electric Circus/04-95 - N.A.S.T.Y..rtf
32. /W.A.S.P/1986 - Inside The Electric Circus/05-Restless Gypsy.rtf
33. /W.A.S.P/1986 - Inside The Electric Circus/06-Shoot From The Hip.rtf
34. /W.A.S.P/1986 - Inside The Electric Circus/07-I'm Alive.rtf
35. /W.A.S.P/1986 - Inside The Electric Circus/08-Easy Living.rtf
36. /W.A.S.P/1986 - Inside The Electric Circus/09-Sweet Cheetah.rtf
37. /W.A.S.P/1986 - Inside The Electric Circus/10-Mantronic.rtf
38. /W.A.S.P/1986 - Inside The Electric Circus/11-King Of Sodom And Gomorrah.rtf
39. /W.A.S.P/1986 - Inside The Electric Circus/12-The Rock Rolls On.rtf
40. /W.A.S.P/1986 - Inside The Electric Circus/13-Flesh And Fire (Bonus).rtf
41. /W.A.S.P/1986 - Inside The Electric Circus/14-D.B. Blues (Bonus).rtf
42. /W.A.S.P/1987 - Live... In The Raw/01-Inside The Electric Circus.rtf
43. /W.A.S.P/1987 - Live... In The Raw/02-I Don't Need No Doctor.rtf
44. /W.A.S.P/1987 - Live... In The Raw/03-L.O.V.E. Machine.rtf
45. /W.A.S.P/1987 - Live... In The Raw/04-Wild Child.rtf
46. /W.A.S.P/1987 - Live... In The Raw/05-9.5 - N.A.S.T.Y..rtf
47. /W.A.S.P/1987 - Live... In The Raw/06-Sleeping (In The Fire).rtf
48. /W.A.S.P/1987 - Live... In The Raw/07-The Manimal.rtf
49. /W.A.S.P/1987 - Live... In The Raw/08-I Wanna Be Somebody.rtf
50. /W.A.S.P/1987 - Live... In The Raw/09-Harder Faster.rtf
51. /W.A.S.P/1987 - Live... In The Raw/11-Scream Until You Like It.rtf
52. /W.A.S.P/1987 - Live... In The Raw/12-Shoot From The Hip (Bonus).rtf
53. /W.A.S.P/1987 - Live... In The Raw/13-Widowmaker (Bonus).rtf
54. /W.A.S.P/1987 - Live... In The Raw/14-Sex Drive (Bonus).rtf
55. /W.A.S.P/1987 - Live... In The Raw/15-Sleeping (Acoustic Bonus).rtf
56. /W.A.S.P/1989 - The Headless Children/01-The Heretic (The Lost Child).rtf
57. /W.A.S.P/1989 - The Headless Children/02-The Real Me.rtf
58. /W.A.S.P/1989 - The Headless Children/03-The Headless Children.rtf
59. /W.A.S.P/1989 - The Headless Children/04-Thunderhead.rtf
60. /W.A.S.P/1989 - The Headless Children/05-Mean Man.rtf
61. /W.A.S.P/1989 - The Headless Children/06-The Neutron Bomber.rtf
62. /W.A.S.P/1989 - The Headless Children/08-Forever Free.rtf
63. /W.A.S.P/1989 - The Headless Children/09-Maneater.rtf
64. /W.A.S.P/1989 - The Headless Children/10-Rebel In The F.D.G..rtf
65. /W.A.S.P/1989 - The Headless Children/11-Locamative Breath (Bonus).rtf
66. /W.A.S.P/1989 - The Headless Children/12-For Whom The Bell Tolls (Bonus).rtf
67. /W.A.S.P/1989 - The Headless Children/13-Lake Of Fools (Bonus).rtf
68. /W.A.S.P/1989 - The Headless Children/15-L.O.V.E. Machine (Live Bonus).rtf
69. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-1)/01-The Titanic Overture.rtf
70. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-1)/02-The Invisible Boy.rtf
71. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-1)/03-Arena Of Pleasure.rtf
72. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-1)/04-Chainsaw Charlie.rtf
73. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-1)/06-Doctor Rokter.rtf
74. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-1)/07-I Am One.rtf
75. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-1)/08-The Idol.rtf
76. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-1)/09-Hold On To My Heart.rtf
77. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-1)/10-The Great Misconceptions Of Me.rtf
78. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-2)/01-Phantoms In The Mirror.rtf
79. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-2)/02-The Eulogy.rtf
80. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-2)/03-When The Levee Breaks.rtf
81. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-2)/04-The Idol (Live Acoustic).rtf
82. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-2)/05-Hold On To My Heart (Live Acoustic).rtf
83. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-2)/06-I Am One (Live).rtf
84. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-2)/07-Wild Child (Live).rtf
85. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-2)/08-Chainsaw Charlie (Live).rtf
86. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-2)/09-I Wanna Be Somebody (Live).rtf
87. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-2)/10-The Invisible Boy (Live).rtf
88. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-2)/11-The Real Me (Live).rtf
89. /W.A.S.P/1992 - The Crimson Idol (CD-2)/12-The Great Misconceptions Of Me (Live).rtf
90. /W.A.S.P/1995 - Still Not Black Enough/01-Still Not Black Enough.rtf
91. /W.A.S.P/1995 - Still Not Black Enough/02-Somebody To Love.rtf
92. /W.A.S.P/1995 - Still Not Black Enough/03-Black Forever.rtf
93. /W.A.S.P/1995 - Still Not Black Enough/04-Scared To Death.rtf
94. /W.A.S.P/1995 - Still Not Black Enough/05-Goodbye America.rtf
95. /W.A.S.P/1995 - Still Not Black Enough/07-Keep Holding On.rtf
96. /W.A.S.P/1995 - Still Not Black Enough/08-Rock'N'Roll To Death.rtf
97. /W.A.S.P/1995 - Still Not Black Enough/09-Breathe.rtf
98. /W.A.S.P/1995 - Still Not Black Enough/10-I Can't.rtf
99. /W.A.S.P/1995 - Still Not Black Enough/11-No Way Out Of Here.rtf
100. /W.A.S.P/1995 - Still Not Black Enough/12-Long Way To The Top (Bonus).rtf
101. /W.A.S.P/1995 - Still Not Black Enough/13-Whole Lotta Rosie (Bonus).rtf
102. /W.A.S.P/1995 - Still Not Black Enough/14-Skin Walker (Bonus).rtf
103. /W.A.S.P/1995 - Still Not Black Enough/15-One Tribe (Bonus).rtf
104. /W.A.S.P/1997 - Kill Fuck Die/01-Kill Fuck Die.rtf
105. /W.A.S.P/1997 - Kill Fuck Die/02-Take The Addiction.rtf
106. /W.A.S.P/1997 - Kill Fuck Die/03-My Tortured Eyes.rtf
107. /W.A.S.P/1997 - Kill Fuck Die/04-Killahead.rtf
108. /W.A.S.P/1997 - Kill Fuck Die/05-Tokyo's On Fire.rtf
109. /W.A.S.P/1997 - Kill Fuck Die/06-Kill Your Pretty Face.rtf
110. /W.A.S.P/1997 - Kill Fuck Die/07-Wicked Love.rtf
111. /W.A.S.P/1997 - Kill Fuck Die/08-U.rtf
112. /W.A.S.P/1997 - Kill Fuck Die/09-The Horror.rtf
113. /W.A.S.P/1997 - Kill Fuck Die/11-Little Death (Bonus).rtf
114. /W.A.S.P/1997 - Kill Fuck Die/13-Rock'N'Roll To Death (Bonus).rtf
115. /W.A.S.P/1998 - Double Live Assassins (CD-1)/02-Wild Child.rtf
116. /W.A.S.P/1998 - Double Live Assassins (CD-1)/04-L.O.V.E. Machine.rtf
117. /W.A.S.P/1998 - Double Live Assassins (CD-1)/05-Killahead.rtf
118. /W.A.S.P/1998 - Double Live Assassins (CD-1)/06-I Wanna Be Somebody.rtf
119. /W.A.S.P/1998 - Double Live Assassins (CD-1)/07-U.rtf
120. /W.A.S.P/1998 - Double Live Assassins (CD-1)/08-The Real Me.rtf
121. /W.A.S.P/1998 - Double Live Assassins (CD-1)/09-Kill Your Pretty Face.rtf
122. /W.A.S.P/1998 - Double Live Assassins (CD-1)/10-The Horror.rtf
123. /W.A.S.P/1998 - Double Live Assassins (CD-2)/02-The Headless Children.rtf
124. /W.A.S.P/1998 - Double Live Assassins (CD-2)/03-Crimson Idol.rtf
125. /W.A.S.P/1998 - Double Live Assassins (CD-2)/05-Little Death.rtf
126. /W.A.S.P/1998 - Double Live Assassins (CD-2)/06-Mean Man.rtf
127. /W.A.S.P/1998 - Double Live Assassins (CD-2)/07-Rock 'N' Roll To Death.rtf
128. /W.A.S.P/1999 - Helldorado/01-Drive By.rtf
129. /W.A.S.P/1999 - Helldorado/02-Helldorado.rtf
130. /W.A.S.P/1999 - Helldorado/03-Don't Cry (Just Suck).rtf
131. /W.A.S.P/1999 - Helldorado/04-Damnation Angels.rtf
132. /W.A.S.P/1999 - Helldorado/05-Dirty Balls.rtf
133. /W.A.S.P/1999 - Helldorado/06-High On The Flames.rtf
134. /W.A.S.P/1999 - Helldorado/07-Cocaine Cowboys.rtf
135. /W.A.S.P/1999 - Helldorado/08-Can't Die Tonight.rtf
136. /W.A.S.P/1999 - Helldorado/09-Saturday Night Cockfight.rtf
137. /W.A.S.P/1999 - Helldorado/10-Hot Rods To Hell.rtf
138. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Best Of The Best/03-I Wanna Be Somebody.rtf
139. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Best Of The Best/04-L.O.V.E. Machine.rtf
140. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Best Of The Best/05-On Your Knees.rtf
141. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Best Of The Best/06-Show No Mercy.rtf
142. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Best Of The Best/08-Wild Child.rtf
143. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Best Of The Best/09-Sex Drive.rtf
144. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Best Of The Best/10-9.5 - N.A.S.T.Y..rtf
145. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Best Of The Best/11-Mean Man.rtf
146. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Best Of The Best/12-Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue).rtf
147. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Best Of The Best/14-Helldorado.rtf
148. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Best Of The Best/15-Dirty Balls.rtf
149. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Sting/01-Helldorado.rtf
150. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Sting/02-Electric Circus.rtf
151. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Sting/03-Chainsaw Charlie.rtf
152. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Sting/04-Wild Child.rtf
153. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Sting/05-L.O.V.E. Machine.rtf
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155. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Sting/08-Damnation Angels.rtf
156. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Sting/09-Dirty Balls.rtf
157. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Sting/10-The Real Me.rtf
158. /W.A.S.P/2000 - The Sting/11-I Wanna Be Somebody.rtf
159. /W.A.S.P/2001 - Unholy Terror/01-Let It Roar.rtf
160. /W.A.S.P/2001 - Unholy Terror/02-Hate To Love Me .rtf
161. /W.A.S.P/2001 - Unholy Terror/03-Locomotive Man .rtf
162. /W.A.S.P/2001 - Unholy Terror/06-Who Slayed Baby Jane .rtf
163. /W.A.S.P/2001 - Unholy Terror/08-Raven Heart .rtf
164. /W.A.S.P/2001 - Unholy Terror/09-Evermore .rtf
165. /W.A.S.P/2001 - Unholy Terror/10-Wasted White Boys.rtf
166. /W.A.S.P/2002 - Dying For The World/01-Shadow Man.rtf
167. /W.A.S.P/2002 - Dying For The World/02-My Wicked Heart.rtf
168. /W.A.S.P/2002 - Dying For The World/03-Black Bone Torso.rtf
169. /W.A.S.P/2002 - Dying For The World/04-Hell For Eternity.rtf
170. /W.A.S.P/2002 - Dying For The World/05-Hallowed Ground.rtf
171. /W.A.S.P/2002 - Dying For The World/06-Revengeance.rtf
172. /W.A.S.P/2002 - Dying For The World/07-Trail Of Tears.rtf
173. /W.A.S.P/2002 - Dying For The World/08-Stone Cold Killers.rtf
174. /W.A.S.P/2002 - Dying For The World/09-Rubber Man.rtf
175. /W.A.S.P/2002 - Dying For The World/10-Hallowed Ground (Take #5 Acoestic).rtf
I wanna Be Somebody
L. O. V. E. Machine
Give me a ticket on a jet airplane
You hear the cries of love, a sad tune
My eyes are burning, bells are ringing in my ears
Hell-hound, hot leather on your legs
Touch, touch in the flame's desire
On Your Knees
I'm a liar and I'm a cheat
The Torture Never Stops
Show No Mercy
Paint It Black
I ride, I ride the winds that bring the rain
Such a wicked vicious woman, black magic voodoo queen
Fistfull Of Diamonds
I've been uptown, all around
A thousand years I've roamed the plains
Cries In The Night
The Last Command
Running Wild In The Street
I got a message for you, it's something you love to do
Mississippi Queen
I'm a night rider burning the highways, no brakes I ride
On Your Knees
Hell-hound, hot leather on your legs
Touch, touch in the flame's desire
I wanna Be Somebody
The Big Welcome
Inside The Electric Circus
I don't Need No Doctor
9. 5 N. A. S. T. Y
Restless Gypsy
Shoot From The Hip
The target is me, a monster you flee
This is a thing I've never known before
Sweet Cheetah
You see me, a man and machine
King Of Sodom And Gomorrah
The Rock Rolls On
Flesh And Fire
This isn't the stuff we normally do for you guys that are buying this
Inside The Electric Circus
I don't Need No Doctor
L. O. V. E. Machine
I ride, I ride the winds that bring the rain
9. 5 N. A. S. T. Y
Touch, touch in the flame's desire
Oh, whoa no I can't pretend to tell you lies
I wanna Be Somebody
Harder Faster
Scream Until You Like It
Shoot From The Hip
A thousand years I've roamed the plains
I got a message for you, it's something you love to do
Sleeping (Acoustic)
The Heretic
I went back to the doctor to get another shrink
The Headless Children
Oh Thunderhead, you're a man with a problem
A tatooed madman, I am hell on wheels
The Neutron Bomber
Forever Free
Turn loose the lightning metal hawgs and set me free
Rebel In The F. D. G
Locamative Breath
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Lake Of Fools
L. O. V. E. Machine
The Titanic Overture
The Invisible Boy
Arena Of Pleasure
Chainsaw Charlie
Doctor Rokter
Demolition, mission-man
Lawless Will I be alone this morning
Hold On To My Heart
The Great Misconceptions Of Me
Phantoms In The Mirror
I saw my face in the mirror
When The Levee Breaks
Lawless Will I be alone this morning
Hold On To My Heart
Demolition, mission-man
I ride, I ride the winds that bring the rain
Chainsaw Charlie
I wanna Be Somebody
The Invisible Boy
The Real Me
The Great Misconceptions Of Me
Still Not Black Enough
Somebody To Love
Black Forever
Scared To Death
Goodbye America
Keep Holding On
Rock'N'Roll To Death
You don't have to hear my heart beat
I can't laugh I can't cry I can't see inside of me
No Way Out Of Here
Long Way To The Top
Whole Lotta Rosie
Show me once more, I cannot hide
Gimme peace, gimme hope
Kill Die
Take The Addiction
My Tortured Eyes
Killa god unholy me, orgasamatic I
Tokyo's On Fire
Kill Your Pretty Face
Welcome to temptation
Listen to me now
There's a red worm crawling in my head
Little Death
Rock'N'Roll To Death
I ride, I ride the winds that bring the rain
L. O. V. E. Machine
Killa god unholy me, orgasamatic I
I wanna Be Somebody
Listen to me now
I went back to the doctor to get another shrink
Kill Your Pretty Face
There's a red worm crawling in my head
The Headless Children
Crimson Idol
Little Death
A tatooed madman, I am hell on wheels
Rock 'N' Roll To Death
I guess you didn't make it
I hear the motor running
Tell me are you nasty
Damnation Angels
I wanna ride you like
High On The Flames
Cocaine Cowboys
Can't Die Tonight
Saturday Night Cockfight
Hot Rods To Hell
I wanna Be Somebody
L. O. V. E. Machine
On Your Knees
Show No Mercy
I ride, I ride the winds that bring the rain
I got a message for you, it's something you love to do
9. 5 N. A. S. T. Y
A tatooed madman, I am hell on wheels
Chainsaw Charlie
I hear the motor running
I wanna ride you like
I hear the motor running
Electric Circus
Chainsaw Charlie
I ride, I ride the winds that bring the rain
L. O. V. E. Machine
Sleeping In The Fire
Damnation Angels
I wanna ride you like
I went back to the doctor to get another shrink
I wanna Be Somebody
Oh get up on your feet
Hate To Love Me
Locomotive Man
Who Slayed Baby Jane ?
Raven Heart
You stand outside the circle lonely
Wasted White Boys
Asleep in black
My Wicked Heart
Black Bone Torso
Hell For Eternity
Hallowed Ground
Why's my blood race
Trail Of Tears
Stone Cold Killers
The man of steal is
Hallowed Ground (Take #5 Acoestic)


Why's my blood race

Why I gnash my teeth

Sand man's come here

With his misery

You wrought with pain

As you slash my flesh

Wrath's revenge lives again

Cane killed abel did his brother's deed

Cursed all time

Damned to spread his seed

Pricks to blind

Thorns in my side

Oh, slay they brother's life

I'll kill your pain on the seeds of cane

I ain't no stranger giving love

Don't ya plead

Oh won't ya bleed for me

Hells be raining from above

I'm coming home

Vengence be they name

I'm coming home

Revengeance scream my name

Oh your God's got you dying to be

Oh your marty's in the sand

I'll hunt you down like the dogs that you be

You Armageddon's in my hands

Come to me I'll set you free

Come to me will you die for me


1. /race/archangel.doc
2. /race/archfiend.doc
Why\Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Chapter III a caucus-Race and a Long Tale

«Паруса Белых ночей Кубок Дворца Конгрессов» кат. 1 Исаф, квалификационная регата World Match Race Tour, isaf
Why\Message In Blood

Why\Blood Drenched Execution Blood Drenched Execution

Why\Raining Blood Trapped in purgatory

Why\Chambers Of Blood Deathless sin

Why\Lurking in the dismal fog Hungry for your blood

Why\Spill The Blood Come walk with me through endless time

Why\Eliminate, the life decline I've paid the masters with blood and hunger

Why\Stabbed In The Throat As the blood begins to gush out the side of your neck

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