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about reengineering Partnership System ZORAN from MEGASOFT enterprise

If You are ready to control enterprise activity really, if You are striving to success in business, reengineering Partnership System ZORAN will help You.

Already today we suggest to You greatest working possibilities. Go into new age with reliable assistant.

Reengineering Partnership System ZORAN - security for Your SUCCESS!

^ Partnership System ZORAN makes it possible to use hundreds of operations for business processing optimizing.

It goes without any saying that no other computer program can be compared with Partnership System ZORAN in calculation power when initial data are fuzzy, incomplete, approximate and indefinite.

 Using Partnership System ZORAN You can easily:

  1. create computer office and work with business projects at real-time mode;

  2. build business-plans using fuzzy and incomplete data (such possibilities have no direct analogies);

  3. automate document processing in a single integrated database project (using documents, besides all, created by means of other computer programs such as WORD, EXEL, ACCESS etc., supporting OLE {Object Linking and Embedding} formats);

  4. use great amount of other Partnership System "ZORAN" possibilities such as:

  • financial control;

  • personal activity control;

  • searching for critical points at business-plans;

  • enterprise profit calculation;

  • investment effectiveness analysis;

  • enterprise activity (in common and in different aspects of analysis and calculation);

  • personal computer system adaptation for concrete user etc.

Besides all, Partnership System "ZORAN" uses new possibilities for automatic correction moreover than 3000 errors, registered during incorrect work of different operational systems.

 Effects from Partnership System ZORANusing

  1. Complex and not expensive automate enterprise activity at analysis level and decision-making levels in a short time with minimum expenditure for its introduction

  2. Business-processing reengineering

  3. Personnel control for key information

  4. Fuzzy, approximate, incomplete and paradoxial data using for different purposes

  5. Great possibility for decision making processes

  6. Limited access to confidential data

  7. Additional system for data defense

  8. Limited expenses for personnel training and data input

  9. Not high educational level for personal qualification

  10. Reduced amount of analysis and planning personnel

  11. Automatic searching for critical points at business-plans

Fundamental theory and functional possibilities of Partnership System ZORAN.

Partnership System ZORAN is intellectual computer program of new type, being created as lively creature with all its structure. Main goal of Partnership System ZORAN is to be real partner for human being in solving great number of information, analytic and calculation tasks. Spheres of application for Partnership System ZORAN are personal (for private persons), education (for universities, colleges, schools), business (for computer firms), industrial (for enterprises), scientific (for research centers), military (for military organizations) etc.

^ Partnership System ZORAN differs from any other computer program because it is based upon paradoxial data model (including fuzzy data). As a matter of fact, it is not usual program, but it is special operational environment, which can place data and knowledge of different subjects into many structure forms and do great number of operations using existing data. Partnership System ZORAN has no direct analogies. Basis of Partnership System ZORAN is new artificial intelligence conception. Partnership System ZORAN is worked out to minimize efforts needed for its learning. User is to have only a little knowledge and experience for working in WINDOWS-environment.

As any other serious WINDOWS-application ^ Partnership System ZORAN is created in form of two versions: Professional (for working at a single computer) and Enterprise (for net working). Enterprise central program can be added moreover than 40 peripheral modules for distributed data input, data analysis and calculation. It is not hard to create complex and effective information net system based upon Partnership System ZORAN.

^ Partnership System ZORAN also is integrated system which make it possible to work with 15 internal data formats.

Program was created by means of Visual C++ 5.0, using Microsoft Foundation Classes. Working environment for it - WIN32.

Besides all, Partnership System ZORAN is based upon program technologies from following corporations:




For working experience it is possible to receive from our enterprise limited Russian-language version of PS "ZORAN".

MEGASOFT enterprise is searching for partners to cooperate (in all possible and profitable forms) and distribute computer program system of new generation - Partnership System ZORAN.

 Possible directions for mutual activity:

  1. Campaign for Partnership System ZORAN demand creating.

  2. Corporation structure creating and developing.

  3. Partnership computer system industry forming.

  4. International scientific research and production center creating.

  5. Partnership System ZORAN developing and improvement.

  6. English-language product adaptation and its subsequent distribution throughout the world.

  7. Creating of: market structure, distribution net, wholesale trade organization; searching for customers, enterprise interests lobbing.

  8. Searching for additional financial resources.

  9. Design-different production lots output.

  10. Public organization "Partnership System ZORAN USER CLUB" creating.

Also other spheres of cooperation are possible.


Simple example for Partnership System ZORAN possibilities

It is easy to use Partnership System ZORAN for Sales Force Automation (SFA) processing without great expenses for its introduction and personnel training in next ways:

  1. Create and modify client data base in user-manner form ;

  2. Keep supplier data base in user-manner way ;

  3. Support for important contacts data base in user-way form ;

  4. Work out sales planning in user-manner way based upon fuzzy and approximate data;

  5. Make purchase plans in user-way form using fuzzy and approximate data;

  6. Build business meeting calendar and daily notebook for different purposes;

  7. Deliver information about clients and sales processing to other enterprise/firm departments such as marketing offices, planning and production departments, bookkeeping sections, deliver services etc. without intermediate stages for data transferring;

  8. Busy with working letters creating;

  9. Compose final solving reports;


Next main features make it very attractive to work with Partnership System ZORAN

  1. Simple using

  2. Great flexibility

  3. Highest adaptation to user requirements

  4. Using computer networks for mutual and distributed data processing

  5. Compatibility with other computer programs

Education processes based upon Partnership System ZORAN in Russia

There is great interest today in Russia from education centers to "Partnership System ZORAN using to teach students. And this interest is not accidental - our reengineering system is practical result of fundamental investigations at the sphere of Artificial Intelligence.

"^ Partnership System ZORAN main difference (very useful for education process) from any other computer program - is real possibilities to process any economic projects at conditions of indefiniteness and incomplete data at real-time mode. Classic example - creating of a wastes structure when a part of sums is not known by personnel and at the same time other part of sums can not be determined as a concrete type.

In such circumstances only reengineering Partnership System ZORAN from MEGASOFT enterprise can help to solve problems because there are no direct analogies of our reengineering system, neither in Russia nor abroad. At present time Partnership System ZORANwas putting into education process at state Saint-Petersburg Institute of Commerce and Economics (our Strategic Education Partner) for next education branches:

  1. Automating information technologies (book-keeping and auditing);

  2. Personal informatics (trade enterprise economic and control).

So, according to all our proposals, mentioned above, let's work together for mutual benefit.


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