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elvis presley/Elvis/(1960) His Hand In Mine/04 - Milky White Way

Названиеelvis presley/Elvis/(1960) His Hand In Mine/04 - Milky White Way
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73. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1960) Elvis Is Back/01 - Stuck on You.txt
74. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1960) Elvis Is Back/02 - Fame and Fortune.txt
75. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1960) Elvis Is Back/03 - Make Me Know It.txt
76. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1960) Elvis Is Back/04 - Fever.txt
77. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1960) Elvis Is Back/05 - The Girl of My Best Friend.txt
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105. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1960) G.I. Blues Collector's Edition/15 - Frankfort Special (fast version - take 2).txt
106. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1960) G.I. Blues Collector's Edition/16 - Pocketful of Rainbows (Alternate take 2).txt
107. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1960) G.I. Blues Collector's Edition/17 - Didja' Ever (Alternate take 1).txt
108. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1960) G.I. Blues Collector's Edition/18 - Big Boots (Acoustic version).txt
109. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1960) G.I. Blues Collector's Edition/19 - What's She Really Like (Alternate take 7).txt
110. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1960) G.I. Blues Collector's Edition/20 - Doin' the Best I Can (Alternate take 9).txt
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130. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1961) Blue Hawaii/05 - Can't Help Falling In Love.txt
131. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1961) Blue Hawaii/06 - Rock-A-Hula Baby.txt
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140. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1961) Blue Hawaii/15 - Steppin' Out Of Line.txt
141. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1961) Blue Hawaii/16 - Can't Help falling In Love (Movie Version).txt
142. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1961) Blue Hawaii/17 - Slicin' Sand (Alternate Take 4).txt
143. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1961) Blue Hawaii/18 - No More (Alternate Take 7).txt
144. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1961) Blue Hawaii/19 - Rock-AHula Baby (Alternate Take 1).txt
145. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1961) Blue Hawaii/20 - Beach Boy Blues (Movie Version).txt
146. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1961) Blue Hawaii/21 - Steppin' Out Of Line (Movie Version).txt
147. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1961) Blue Hawaii/22 - Blue Hawaii (Alternate Take 3).txt
148. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1966) How Great Thou Art/01 - How Great Thou Art.txt
149. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1966) How Great Thou Art/02 - In the Garden.txt
150. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1966) How Great Thou Art/03 - Somebody Bigger Than You and I.txt
151. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1966) How Great Thou Art/04 - Farther Along.txt
152. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1966) How Great Thou Art/05 - Stand by Me.txt
153. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1966) How Great Thou Art/06 - Without Him.txt
154. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1966) How Great Thou Art/07 - So High.txt
155. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1966) How Great Thou Art/08 - Where Could I Go but to the Lord.txt
156. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1966) How Great Thou Art/09 - By and By.txt
157. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1966) How Great Thou Art/10 - If the Lord Wasn't Walking by My Side.txt
158. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1966) How Great Thou Art/11 - Run On.txt
159. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1966) How Great Thou Art/12 - Where No One Stands Alone.txt
160. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1966) How Great Thou Art/13 - Crying in the Chapel.txt
161. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1966) How Great Thou Art/14 - Peace in the Valley.txt
162. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) Back In Memphis/01 - Inherit the Wind.txt
163. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) Back In Memphis/02 - This Is the Story.txt
164. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) Back In Memphis/03 - Stranger in My Own Home Town.txt
165. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) Back In Memphis/04 - A Little Bit of Green.txt
166. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) Back In Memphis/05 - And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind.txt
167. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) Back In Memphis/06 - Do You Know Who I Am.txt
168. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) Back In Memphis/07 - From a Jack to a King.txt
169. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) Back In Memphis/08 - The Fair's Moving On.txt
170. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) Back In Memphis/09 - You'll Think of Me.txt
171. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) Back In Memphis/10 - Without Love (There Is Nothing).txt
172. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) NBC-TV Special/01 - Trouble-Guitar Man.txt
173. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) NBC-TV Special/02 - Lawdy, Miss Clawdy-Baby, What You Want Me To Do.txt
174. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) NBC-TV Special/03 - Medley-Heartbreak Hotel-Hound Dog-All Shook Up-Can't He.txt
175. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) NBC-TV Special/04 - Medley- Where Could I Go But To The Lord-Up Above My He.txt
176. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) NBC-TV Special/05 - Baby,What You Want Me To Do-That's All Right-Blue Chris.txt
177. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) NBC-TV Special/06 - Memories.txt
178. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) NBC-TV Special/07 - Medley- Nothingville-Big Boss Man-Let Yourself Go-It Hu.txt
179. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1969) NBC-TV Special/08 - If I Can Dream.txt
180. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1970) That's The Way It Is/01 - I Just Can't Help Believin'.txt
181. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1970) That's The Way It Is/02 - Twenty Days and Twenty Nights.txt
182. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1970) That's The Way It Is/03 - How the Web Was Woven.txt
183. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1970) That's The Way It Is/04 - Patch it up.txt
184. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1970) That's The Way It Is/05 - Mary in the Morning.txt
185. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1970) That's The Way It Is/06 - You Don't Have to Say You Love Me.txt
186. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1970) That's The Way It Is/07 - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'.txt
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193. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/01 - Snowbird.txt
194. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/02 - Tomorrow Never Comes.txt
195. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/03 - Little Cabin on the Hill.txt
196. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/04 - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On.txt
197. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/05 - Funny How Time Slips Away.txt
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199. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/07 - There Goes My Everything.txt
200. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/08 - It's Your Baby, You Rock It.txt
201. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/09 - The Fool.txt
202. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/10 - Faded Love.txt
203. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/11 - I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water.txt
204. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/12 - Make The World Go Away.txt
205. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) He Touched Me/01 - He Touched Me.txt
206. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) He Touched Me/02 - I've Got Confidence.txt
207. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) He Touched Me/03 - Amazing Grace.txt
208. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) He Touched Me/04 - Seeing Is Believing.txt
209. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) He Touched Me/05 - He Is My Everything.txt
210. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) He Touched Me/06 - Bosom of Abraham.txt
211. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) He Touched Me/07 - An Evening Prayer.txt
212. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) He Touched Me/08 - Lead Me, Guide Me.txt
213. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) He Touched Me/09 - There Is No God but God.txt
214. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) He Touched Me/10 - A Thing Called Love.txt
215. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) He Touched Me/11 - I, John.txt
216. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1971) He Touched Me/12 - Reach Out to Jesus.txt
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219. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1972) Live At Madison Square Garden/04 - Never Been to Spain.txt
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221. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1972) Live At Madison Square Garden/06 - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'.txt
222. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1972) Live At Madison Square Garden/07 - Polk Salad Annie.txt
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225. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1972) Live At Madison Square Garden/10 - Heartbreak Hotel.txt
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227. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1972) Live At Madison Square Garden/12 - Love Me Tender.txt
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235. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1972) Live At Madison Square Garden/21 - Can't Help Falling in Love.txt
236. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/02 - See See Rider.txt
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238. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/04 - Something.txt
239. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/05 - You Gave Me A Mountain.txt
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244. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/10 - It's Over.txt
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246. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/12 - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry.txt
247. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/13 - I Can't Stop Loving You.txt
248. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/14 - Hound Dog.txt
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250. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/16 - Fever.txt
251. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/17 - Welcome To My World.txt
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255. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/22 - An American Trilogy.txt
256. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/23 - A Big Hunk O' Love.txt
257. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/24 - Can't Help Falling In Love.txt
258. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/25 - Blue Hawaii.txt
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260. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/27 - No More.txt
261. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/28 - Hawaiian Wedding Song.txt
262. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite/29 - Early Morning Rain.txt
263. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Good Times/01 - take good care of her.txt
264. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1973) Good Times/02 - Loving Arms.txt
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292. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1977) Moody Blue/10 - It's Easy for You.txt
Milky White Way
(Arranged and adapted by Elvis Presley)

Yes IТm gonna walk on the milky white way
Oh Lord some of these days
I'm gonna walk that milky white way
Some of these days well well well well
I'm gonna walk up and take my stand
Gonna join that Christian band
I'm gonna walk on that milky white way
Oh Lord, some of these days

I'm gonna tell my mother howdy, howdy,
Howdy when I get home
Yes, IТm gonna tell my mother howdy,
When I get home well well well well
I'm gonna shake my mother's hand
I will shake her hands that day
That's when we walk on the milky white way
On some of these days

I'm gonna meet god the father and god the son
Yes, IТm gonna meet god the father and god the son
Well well well well
I'm gonna sit down and tell Him my troubles
About the world that I just came from
That's when we walk on the milky white way
Oh Lord, on some of these days


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elvis presley/Elvis/(1960) His Hand In Mine/04 - Milky White Way iconДокументы
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elvis presley/Elvis/(1960) His Hand In Mine/04 - Milky White Way iconДокументы
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elvis presley/Elvis/(1960) His Hand In Mine/04 - Milky White Way iconAll through the day, I me mine

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