elvis presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/06 - I Really Don\

elvis presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/06 - I Really Don't Want to Know

Названиеelvis presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/06 - I Really Don't Want to Know
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93. /elvis_presley/Elvis/(1960) G.I. Blues Collector's Edition/03 - Frankfort Special.txt
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I Really Don't Want to Know

(Words & music by Howard Barnes - Don Robertson)

Oh how many arms have held you
And hated to let you go
How many, oh how many, I wonder
But I really don't want, I don't wanna know

Oh how many lips have kissed you
And set, set your soul aglow, yes they did
How many, oh how many, I wonder, yes I do
But I really don't want to know

So always make, make me wonder
And always make, make me guess
And even, you know even if I ask you
Oh darling oh don't you, don't confess

Just let it, let it remain your secret
Oh for darling, darling I love you so
No wonder, yeah no wonder, I wonder
Mmm, 'cause I really don't want, I don't wanna know


elvis presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/06 - I Really Don\Wales is an agricultural country. There are some big cities there, they are Cardiff, its capital, Swansea and New Port. You don’t need a passport to travel from England to Wales

elvis presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/06 - I Really Don\Документы
1. /Бхагавад-Гита (как она есть 1971)/bg_01.txt
2. /Бхагавад-Гита...

elvis presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/06 - I Really Don\Источник: газета "Рыбный Мурман" №97 1971 года
Клочков николай Федосеевич, капитан на судах "Мурмансельди". Умер в 1971 году на трудовом посту
elvis presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/06 - I Really Don\Источник: газета "Рыбный Мурман" №144 1971 года
Мирюзен анатолий Андреевич, капитан траулера «Шилка» Мурманского тралового флота в 1971 году
elvis presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/06 - I Really Don\Источник: газета "Рыбный Мурман" №34 1971 года
Захаров василий Трофимович, капитан срт-4236 Беломорской базы гослова в 1971 году. Добивался успеха на промысле
elvis presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/06 - I Really Don\Источник: газета "Рыбный Мурман" №137 1971 года
Смирнов анатолий Николаевич, капитан срт «Албанов» в 1971 году, срт «Комсомольск» в 1972-м
elvis presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/06 - I Really Don\I don't know why I never told you I don't know why I never tried

elvis presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/06 - I Really Don\Country index

elvis presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/06 - I Really Don\Country cropping

elvis presley/Elvis/(1971) Elvis Country/06 - I Really Don\My country Russia

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