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Brooklyn August by Stephen King, 1993

(For Jim Bishop)

In Ebbets Field the crabgrass grows
(where Alston managed)
row on row
        as the day's axle turns into twilight
        I still see them, with the green smell
        of just-mown infield grass heavy
        in the darkening end of the day:
        picked out by the right-field floods, just
        turned on and already assaulted by
        battalions of circling moths
        and bugs on the night shift;
        below, old men and offduty taxi drivers
        are drinking big cups of Schlitz in the $0.75 seats,
        this Flatbush as real as velvet Harlem streets
        where jive packs the jukes in the June of '56.
In Ebbets Field the infield's slow
and seats are empty, row on row
        Hodges is hulked over first, glove stretched
        to touch the throw from Robinson at third,
        the batters' boxes float in the ghost-glow
        of this sky-filled Friday evening
        (Musial homered early, Flatbush is down by 2).
        Newcombe trudged to an early shower through
        a shower of popcorn and newspaper headlines.
        Carl Erskine is in now and chucking hard
        But Johnny Podres and Clem Labine are heating
        in case he blows up late;
        he can, you know, they all can
In Ebbets Field they come and go
and play their innings, blow by blow
        time's called in the dimness of the 5 th
        someone chucked a beer at Sandy Amoros in right
        he spears the empty cup without a word
        and hands it to a groundkeeper chewing Mail Pouch
        while the faceless fans cry down juicy Brooklyn vowels,
        a plague on both their houses..Pee Wee Reese leans on his knees west of second
        Campanella gives the sign
        with my eyes closed I see it all
        smell steamed franks and 8 pm dirt
        can see those heavenly shades of evening
        they swim with angels above the stadium dish
        as Erskine winds and wheels and throws low-inside:.



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