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НазваниеEarth Blues
Дата конвертации26.08.2012
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Earth Blues

I see hands that are tasting faces
Reachin' up but not quite touchin' the promised land
Well I taste tears and a whole lotta' precious years wasted
Sayin' lord, please give us a helpin' hand

(Love, love, love) Lord! There's got to be some changes
(Love, love, love) Gonna be a whole lotta re-arranges
(Love, love, love) You better hope love is the answer-yeah
(Love, love, love) Yeah! Better come before the summer, hey

Well-a, everybody can hear the sound of freedom's beating hard
Sirens flashing with earth and rock and stone an'
You better love me like it's gonna be the last time
And tell the child to bury daddy's old clothes

(Love, love, love) Yeah, they're talkin' about gettin' together, yeah 
(Love, love, love) Together for love, love, love
(Love, love, love) You better hope love is the answer, baby
(Love, love, love) I think you better hope it comes before the summer

(Everybody) Everybody!
(Everybody) Every sister!
(Everybody) Every mother!
(Everybody) Come feel the light
(Everybody) A-it's shinin' bright, baby
(Everybody) Everybody!
(Everybody) We've got to live together
Right on baby (ooh)

Feel those earth blues comin' at cha' baby


Don't let your imagination take you by surprise
I quit and plea, I, one day visualize
My head in the clouds, my feet on the pavement-yeah
Don't get too stoned! Please remember, you're a man

(Love, love, love) Lord! There's got to be some changes
(Love, love, love) Livin' together's gonna be a lotta re-arranges, baby
(Love, love, love) You better be ready, lord, lord, lord
(Love, love, love) Just hope love comes, before the summer

(Everybody) Everybody!
(Everybody) Got to feel the light
(Everybody) Ya' got to feel the light, baby
(Everybody) Everybody!
(Everybody) We've got to live together
(Everybody) Keep it together
(Everybody) Ride on together
(Everybody) Wooh!
(Yeah what's that)

Lost and together for the earth blues, comin' at cha' baby

(Love, love, love)
(Love, love, love) ya...know..what...i'm...talkin'...about
(Love, love, love) ride...on...gonna...ride...on
(Love, love, love)''....
oh yeah, yeah, wooooh!
Vizar (


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