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1. /Again.txt
2. /Beautiful.txt
3. /Beyond Redemption.txt
4. /Burried Alive By Love.txt
5. /Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart.txt
6. /Circle Of Fear.txt
7. /Close to The Flame.txt
8. /Dark Sekret Love.txt
9. /Death Is In Love With Us.txt
10. /Don't Close Your Heart.txt
11. /Endless Dark.txt
12. /For You.txt
13. /Gone With The Sin.txt
14. /Heartache Every Moment.txt
15. /Heaven Tonight.txt
16. /I Love You.txt
17. /I've Crossed Oceans Of Wine To Find You'.txt
18. /In Joy And Sorrow.txt
19. /In Love And Lonely.txt
20. /It's All Tears (Drown In This Love).txt
21. /Join Me.txt
22. /Lose You Tonight.txt
23. /Love You Like I Do.txt
24. /Love's Requiem.txt
25. /One Last Time.txt
26. /Our Diabolikal Rapture.txt
27. /Please Don't Let It Go.txt
28. /Poison Girl.txt
29. /Pretending.txt
30. /Razorblade Kiss.txt
31. /Rebel Yell.txt
32. /Resurrection.txt
33. /Right Here In My Arms.txt
34. /Salt In Our Wounds.txt
35. /Sigillum Diaboli.txt
36. /Soul On Fire.txt
37. /Sweet Pandemonium.txt
38. /The 9th Circle.txt
39. /The Beginning Of The End.txt
40. html">/The Funeral Of Hearts.txt
41. /The Heartless.txt
42. /The Path.txt
43. /The Reaper.txt
44. /The Sacrament.txt
45. /This Fortress Of Tears.txt
46. /When Love And Death Embrace.txt
47. /Wicked Game.txt
48. /You Are The One.txt
49. /Your Sweet Six Six Six.txt

Just one look into your eyes
One look and I'm crying
Cause you're so beautiful
Just one kiss and I'm alive
One kiss and I'm ready to die
Cause you're so beautiful
Just one touch and I'm on fire
One touch and I'm crying
Cause you're so beautiful
Just one smile and I'm wild
One smile and I'm ready to die
Cause you're so beautiful
Oh and you're so beautiful
My Darling
Oh you're so beautiful
You're so beautiful
Oh my Baby
You're so beautiful
And you're so beautiful
Oh my Darling
Oh my Baby
And you're so beautiful
Vizar (


Beautiful iconAll those beautiful people I want to have them all

Beautiful iconWe live on a very beautiful planet on the Earth

Beautiful iconOnce upon a time, Peter and his grandfather lived in a house next to a beautiful green meadow

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Beautiful iconMy beautiful new watch had run eighteen months without losing or gaining, and without breaking any part of its machinery or stopping

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