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НазваниеMasquerade Act 3
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16. /Dreams of sanity/02-Masquerade 1999/10-Lost Paradise '99.rtf
17. /Dreams of sanity/03-The Game 2000/02-The Creature That You Came To See.rtf
18. /Dreams of sanity/03-The Game 2000/03-Time To Set The Stones.rtf
19. /Dreams of sanity/03-The Game 2000/04-The Beginning That Lies.rtf
20. /Dreams of sanity/03-The Game 2000/05-The Empress - Through The Looking Glass (A Dream).rtf
21. /Dreams of sanity/03-The Game 2000/06-Window To The Sky.rtf
22. /Dreams of sanity/03-The Game 2000/07-And So (I Walk On).rtf
23. /Dreams of sanity/03-The Game 2000/08-We.II.Sea.rtf
24. /Dreams of sanity/03-The Game 2000/09-The Creature That You Came To See... Reprise.rtf
Komodia I the Beginning
html">Komodia II the Dream
Komodia III the Meeting
Komodia IV the Ending
I would never think of me as a hero
Rettiseert was sitting
Blade Of Doom
The Phantom Of The Opera
Masquerade Act 1
Masquerade Act 2
Masquerade Interlude
Masquerade Act 3
Masquerade Act 4
Within (The Dragon)
The Maiden And The River
Lost Paradise '99
The Creature That You Came To See
Time To Set The Stones
The Beginning That Lies
The Empress Through The Looking Glass (a dream)
Window To The Sky
And So (I walk On)
As all the days were still beginning
The Creature That You Came To See Reprise

Masquerade Act 3

In which the darkness masks the mask.

Christine:I close my eyes and wonder: "Where is this man"

Who spoke so true with passion felt through centuries

When I was alone this voice washed my fears away

These sounds from the dark that vanish in the light of day.

What I feel and what I see is not the same

Deep within your voice swings more than one world's pain

Eric: Look into my eyes - for they belonged to him

And if you listen well you can hear him sing through me.

In dreams I hold you close my dreams are always near.

May worlds split us apart at night I'll always hear

The sounds that turned in me the plea for death to harmony

E + Ch.: I feel so alone my God where have you been?


Masquerade Act 3 iconСписок программ (учебники, автор/ы/, издательство), реализуемых в начальной школе в 2011-2012 учебном году
Masquerade Act 3 iconI'm in conniptions for the final act you came here for

Masquerade Act 3 iconI'm in conniptions for the final act you came here for The one derivative you manage is the one I abhor

Masquerade Act 3 iconDrawn to an act of complete domination Violent urges of decapitation

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Masquerade Act 3 iconIsbn 5-17-031127-3 (ооо «Издательство act») Copyright © 2001 Jon Saint-Germain isbn 5-271-11745-6 (ооо
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