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НазваниеWithin (The Dragon)
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Komodia I the Beginning
html">Komodia II the Dream
Komodia III the Meeting
Komodia IV the Ending
I would never think of me as a hero
Rettiseert was sitting
Blade Of Doom
The Phantom Of The Opera
Masquerade Act 1
Masquerade Act 2
Masquerade Interlude
Masquerade Act 3
Masquerade Act 4
Within (The Dragon)
The Maiden And The River
Lost Paradise '99
The Creature That You Came To See
Time To Set The Stones
The Beginning That Lies
The Empress Through The Looking Glass (a dream)
Window To The Sky
And So (I walk On)
As all the days were still beginning
The Creature That You Came To See Reprise

Within (The Dragon)

And as the dragon rises

He stands so tall

Waiting for the daylight

To fly away

He'll never fall

Spreads his wings and flies away to Avalon

Guided by forgotten powers

He lifts up high

Into the dawn

Though some might feel

What no one knows:

The last of the dreams alive has left

Oh - his flame now fades

Oh - whithering away

Oh - daylight, night another day

Oh - alone so cold and alone so all alone

And as the flapping sound

Of majestic wings

Fades low

As dreams subside

within those left

Upon this crusty ball

The last one left.

He took with him

A warmin' spark

Of children's eyes

Now staying dark

With nothing to dream

Wave 'bye to him

The dreams have left


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