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Komodia I the Beginning
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Komodia III the Meeting
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Within (The Dragon)
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Lost Paradise '99
The Creature That You Came To See
Time To Set The Stones
The Beginning That Lies
The Empress Through The Looking Glass (a dream)
Window To The Sky
And So (I walk On)
As all the days were still beginning
The Creature That You Came To See Reprise

Komodia III - The Meeting


Isn't it a strange thing that all the roads - along

I'm wandering are leading into nowhere's land.

A life of no memories a stony hidden place

A world grown apart from what my mind refused to see.

People dying while they're living

Sometimes they were never born.

If you never ask the questions

you'll never (have to) fear the answers

I cannot tell you right from wrong

I have to leave this greyness walls

(so) believe me now and follow later

- things are never what they seem to be to me

- what they seem to be to me alone.


For he went on to seek his life - Komodia

Or infernos and of paradise - Komodia

So it has to end as it began - Komodia


So did I wake thou slumbering feeble

And did I shake the sleeping fool

Thoust thou think you would have escaped?

Yours shall not be reality!


Long we've waited in these woods

And talked about our long lost son.

We knowyou never are to make

A heavenly normal happy life.


We've watched your steps since early days.


And sent to you the old wise man.


To break the curse you laid on yourself.


We've come again to save your mind.


Memories form Satan's roaring laughter and smiles

Beatrice! Virgil! My long lost friends.

B & V:

The fog has hidden our memories of the days

when Dante was another man.


And now to you my charming guides

as I once lay my trust in you

I still shall follow your command

Take my hands to guide a fool.


To guide you to the wicked one


To lead you into paradise

B & V:

Was a simple task to do

compared to what awaits (you now)

You have to find your aim in life

You have to find your way.


You woke me up and brought to me

The memories of my shining past

Don't leave me now - guide my way

For I've been lonely far too long.


You will assemble your state of mind

The one where you were still a child.


Remember when you saw the moon

And followed him along.


The last thing I ask of you to do

As for I have to walk alone

Is just to kiss my face again

And say goodbye and not goodnight!

B & V:

Our hearts are with you every day

But leave us now to find your way.


Komodia III the Meeting iconThe meeting was very well attended with members and their

Komodia III the Meeting iconДокументы
1. /meeting.txt
Komodia III the Meeting iconДокументы
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Komodia III the Meeting iconДокументы
1. /meeting.txt
Komodia III the Meeting iconДокументы
1. /meeting.txt
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