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Once upon a time, in a generation steeped in much emptiness and spiritual darkness, a boy was born who was given a great gift
"What do you mean, a crutch?"
And the unorthodox way he looked. He didn’t even
For Him Who Has Ears To Hear
Had happened to him!
"Guess what?" Keith said with a gleam in his eye
The Cross and The Switchblade
But the question of the down payment remained
Keith was also offering the
One day, a man named John Dawson accidentally strayed into Keith’s line of fire. He’d invited Keith to minister at a large concert at the Anaheim Stadium to raise money for refugees from Thailand and Cambodia
"Shoot her? I don’t even own a gun," Keith objected
Book order and chapter titles for "no compromise"
Anything can happen on the streets of Hollywood. I’d seen some pretty wild things, but never anything so bizarre as what I saw one night on Ventura Boulevard
Keith continued playing at the Bla, waiting for "the discovery"
Four days before Christmas in 1974 we had a big going away party at The Bla Bla Cafe. We were going to Canada for several weeks where Keith would play piano in a band and didn’t know when we’d return to The Bla
Something, he wanted everybody to get into it, too
Still nothing materialized
Keith was painfully cautious about spending time with
Shortly after we became Christians, Keith and I took two of our favorite people to one of our favorite places-Sequoia National Park. Keith had known Peter and Cag for years
As I sit writing this it's been almost seven years to the day since Keith and the children went to be with the Lord
Memories of keith by Leonard Ravenhill

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