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Region Name	Campaign Name	Scenario Name	Map Area Name

Queen Catherine has departed to elicit military support from King Gavin Magnus of Bracada. Other generals are fanning through the region. Establish a base of operations, rally local militia, determine the extent of the Nighon occupation, and find their invasion route."	Good1	G1a	Map Area 1

Reports of Angels near the town of Fair Feather deserve our investigation. If the rumors are true, then we must ensure the safety of this town, and perhaps convince the Angels to ally with us."	Good1	G1b	Map Area 2
"{Griffin Cliff}

The region of Griffin Cliff, the annual breeding grounds from which nearly all of Erathia's Griffin population comes from, is currently under the control of the combined Nighon and Kreegan forces. Generations ago, the Griffins were key to building Erathia, and today they are key to reclaiming it."	Good1	G1c	Map Area 3

The first step in our fight to free Erathia is to liberate the capital of Steadwick from Nighon occupation. This will not be an easy task, as the Dungeon Overlords have blocked the mountain passes leading into the Steadwick Valley."	Good2	G2a	Map Area 1

A letter from Lucifer Kreegan III, Lord High Commander of Eeofol, arrives at the palace for Queen Catherine. In it he claims that he holds a captive, Catherine's husband, Roland Ironfist of Enroth, and that only a one million gold ransom can save him."	Good2	G2b	Map Area 2
"{Marshland & Hillbridge}

An ambassador from Bracada brings a message from his leader, Gavin Magnus, offering aid in reclaiming Western Erathia from the marauding Tatalian and Krewlish forces. It is time to remind your neighbors of where their borders belong."	Good2	G2c	Map Area 3
"{Grainrich & Firecoast}

We now know how Erathia fell to Nighon and Eeofol. They literally tunneled their way under the Nighon Straits, breaking into the Dwarven Tunnels along Erathia's coast. We must now force them to use the tunnels again - this time as an escape route as we drive them from Erathia's lands forever!"	Good2	G2d	Map Area 4

You are offered a mercenary contract with King Tralossk of Tatalia, who once and for all wishes for his nation to be made up of something more than just swampland. With Erathia distracted, he has decided that now is the time to expand Tatalia's borders."	Neutral1	N1a	Map Area 1

Duke Winston Boragus, leader of Krewlod, has offered you a mercenary contract which will require you to make a series of raids into Erathian territory. The plan is to plunder enough gold to allow the armies of Krewlod to purchase what it would need for... other things."	Neutral1	N1b	Map Area 2

Both King Tralossk of Tatalia and Duke Boragus of Krewlod are seeking your services. Both nations are poised to claim the last strip of land between their countries. Ironically, this land has little value. You must decide which nation to serve. The choice is yours alone."	Neutral1	N1c	Map Area 3

A Necromancer is attempting to reach an Erathian outpost with proof of who killed King Gryphonheart. He is currently safe, but his way is blocked by undead loyal to their new King. You must escort him on the last leg of the journey."	Good3	G3a	Map Area 1
"{Emerald Hills to Woodgrove}

You command the combined armies of Erathia, AvLee, and Bracada, plus the Necromancers that have chosen to fight with you against King Gryphonheart. The undead presence is strong, but you must prevail!"	Good3	G3b	Map Area 2
"{Marble Garden}

This is the final battle. Our presence has already begun to restore life to the land, but we must destroy this last fortress of death that King Gryphonheart has retreated to. It is time to return the dead to their graves."	Good3	G3c	Map Area 3

Before Erathia has a chance to call upon the elves of AvLee for assistance, we have decided to strike at the heart of AvLee's strength - the Gold Dragon Queen. By eliminating the elves' strongest ally, they will be unable to lend aid to Erathia."	Evil1	E1a	Map Area 1

Our forces will cover most of the distance to the Erathian capitol by using underground tunnels. To maintain the element of surprise, you must attack any Erathian settlement you find. Use the vast network of caves in this area to accomplish this goal."	Evil1	E1b	Map Area 2

Assault the Erathian capital of Steadwick. This won't be easy, as the capital is easily and well defended. To make matters worse, the force led by Queen Catherine is on the move. We must capture Steadwick before she arrives!"	Evil1	E1c	Map Area 3
"{Южный порт}

Королева Катерина уехала, чтобы заручиться военной поддержкой короля Гэвина Магнуса из Бракады. Другие военачальники разъезжают по области. Создайте базу для операций, восстановите народное ополчение, определите степень оккупации Нихона, и найдите их маршрут для вторжения."	Evil2	E2a	Map Area 1
"{Врата Ангелов}

Донесения Ангелов из города Белое Перо заслуживают нашего изучения. Если слухи окажутся правдивыми, нам придется обеспечить безопасность этого города, и, вероятно, убедить Ангелов объединиться с нами."	Evil2	E2b	Map Area 2
"{Скала Грифонов}

Область Скалы Грифонов, место ежегодного размножения, из которого происходит практически вся популяция Грифонов Эрафии, в настоящее время находится под контролем объединенных сил Нихона и Кригана. Несколько поколений назад Грифоны были ключом к построению Эрафии, а сегодня они являются ключом к ее восстановлению."	Evil2	E2c	Map Area 3

Первый шаг в нашей битве за освобождение Эрафии -- освободить столицу Стедвик от оккупации Нихона. Сделать это будет непросто, потому что Лорды Подземелий заблокировали горные проходы, ведущие в долину Стедвика."	Evil2	E2d	Map Area 4

В дворец для Королевы Катерины прибывает письмо от Люцифера Кригана III, Главнокомандующего Эофола. В нем он сообщает, что у него у плену находится муж Катерины, Рональд Железный Кулак из Энрота, и выкуп за его спасение -- миллион золотом."	Secret1	S1a	Map Area 1
"{Болотные земли и Хиллбридж}

Посол из Бракады приносит сообщение от своего вождя, Гэвина Магнуса, предлагающего помощь в освобождении Восточной Эрафии от мародерствующих таталийских и кревлских войск. Пора напомнить своим соседям, где проходят границы их земель."	Secret1	S1b	Map Area 2
"{Грайнрич и Огненный Берег}

Теперь мы знаем, как Эрафия пала жертвой Нихона и Эофола. Они буквально прорыли туннели под Нихонским проливом, пробравшись в Гномьи туннели вдоль побережья Эрафии. Теперь мы должны заставить их воспользоваться этими туннелями снова -- на этот раз для того, чтобы навеки сбежать из Эрафии!"	Secret1	S1c	Map Area 3


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