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Good1a	Our initial landing has captured a devastated outpost.  Information is scarce and unreliable at best.  Neighboring citizens have fled their villages.  Remaining survivors tell conflicting stories.  Evidence points to a Nighon invasion.  Rally local militia and train them quickly.  Destroy all hostile forces you encounter.  Assume the worst.  Assume we are at war.
Good1b	"Pressing toward ErathiaТs capitol of Steadwick, we have encountered peasants talking of Fair Feather, a town to the north. Though surrounded, it has withstood the Nighon invasion.  Reports are unconfirmed, but these peasants believe 'angels' watch over the town.  Angels have been spotted in Erathia before. During the Kreegan infestation, scattered reports told of winged beings massacring large Kreegan forces. Either the angels have returned, or they never left. How long Fair Feather can last against the Nighon and Kreegan onslaught is unknown.  If Fair Feather falls, a potential ally may be lost."
Good1c	"Each year, griffins from around the world migrate to Griffin Cliff.  Armies of King Gryphonheart the First tamed the griffins and trained them for war. With these great beasts, King Gryphonheart unified the divergent human colonies and formed Erathia. King Gryphonheart felt the landТs native griffins were key to any Erathian war. To secure Steadwick, we need the griffins."
Good2a	Early intelligence reports forces from Nighon and Eeofol have barricaded themselves inside Steadwick. All land access to the capitol has been blocked. Their reinforcements arrive via underground tunnels. Armies from the west will meet us on the field of battle. There is little else to say. We do not stop until Steadwick is liberated.
Good2b	"My name is Dorrell, ambassador from AvLee. I bring a message from Queen Catherine. After the liberation of Steadwick, a Kreegan envoy appeared before the royal court. He claims they have captive, King Roland Ironfist of Enroth. They are asking for one million gold ransom. We cannot validate this claim. True or not, Queen Catherine is unwilling to pay.  After interrogating the envoy, we learned Roland is held deep inside Eeofol by Clan Kreelah. Locate Clan Kreelah's base of operations and rescue Roland.  In addition to your Erathian army, we will support you from AvLee. This mission is of utmost seriousness. You may rescue Roland, or find yourself the victim of a trap."
Good2c	"My name is Winstan Langer, ambassador from Bracada, ruled by Grand Vizier Gavin Magnus. Forces from Tatalia and Krewlod are fighting in west Erathia. After months of conflict, the battle still rages.  Though weary of yet another war, my king sends reinforcements to aid your efforts.  Brilliant tactics will not win this battle. Body count will determine the victor. Good luck."
Good2d	"We now know how Erathia fell to Nighon and Eeofol. Through an extensive network of underground tunnels dug by the OverlordТs armies, they struck simultaneously in many areas with overwhelming numbers. Credit the military for holding the invasion to half the country.  We have discovered the main artery for transporting forces from Nighon to Erathia; it is under the ocean, connecting the Nighon underworld to the Erathian mainland. Bracada and Avlee have sent armies to join the fight.  First we must eliminate the remaining Kreegans and Nighon forces from the mainland, then pursue them underground, and drive them back to the shores of Nighon."
Neutral1a	"As you foresaw milord, King GryphonheartТs death brings many opportunities for your mercenary skills.  A messenger from Tatalia, on behalf of King Tralossk, has contacted us.  Twenty years ago, following numerous border skirmishes along the western shore of Erathia, Tatalia signed an agreement to cease hostilities. King Gryphonheart is dead.  Their agreement has died with him.  Aggressive tactics have never been part of Tatalia's military character.  Their ranks are vast, and once they possess Erathian land, they will hold it.  However, they need generals to guide their heroes to expand their borders and accommodate their growing population."
Neutral1b	"Your abilities have been brought to the attention of the barbarian nation of Krewlod. Their skirmishes with the Erathian military on their eastern border are legendary. Many credit them for hardening Erathian soldiers. Recently, a border raid resulted in victory, and uncharacteristically, a large numbers of prisoners. Upon interrogation, their suspicions were confirmed. Without King Gryphonheart, Erathia has lost its soul.  Your goal is to quickly plunder the Erathian land within KrewlodТs immediate reach. Once they have the resources they need... war will be discussed. Until then, your independent participation is needed.  Should you be captured, Krewlod will claim you were an over zealous clan leader, acting outside the interests of the nation."
Neutral1c/d	"Representatives from both Tatalia and Krewlod seek your services... again. Both nations claim the last strip of Erathian land between their countries. Few Erathian castles remain in the area.  They are nothing more than token resistance.  The most ferocious battles will occur between Tatalia and Krewlod.  Ironically, this land has little value. This is a border war. Tatalia seeks to further extend its reach from the lowlands to the hills. Krewlod wants to halt TataliaТs march before it reaches their northern border. No matter which side you fight for, the other will perceive you as a traitor. Choose wisely.  Choose the winning side.  Your life depends upon it."
Good3a	"Upon liberating Steadwick, my fears were confirmed.  My father did not die of natural causes.  He was poisoned. Investigations conducted by General Morgan Kendal prior to the war yielded no suspects. Now I learn the necromancers, seeking a military tactician equal to myself, have resurrected my father, King Gryphonheart. After killing King Vilmar, he took command of their military and their throne.  Now they come to us.  They cannot stop the monster they have created.  As a gesture of good faith, they send a messenger to speak only to me. He will tell me who killed my father. Find this hero and deliver him to me safely."
Good3b	"I grow weary of this war. So do the necromancers. We have agreed to co-operate in the destruction of King Gryphonheart. I never thought I would fight alongside the necromancers, but today we forge weapons for both our armies. With their help, along with the forces from Bracada and AvLee, we should be able to repel all undead from Erathia."
Good3c	"What remains of my father's undead army is the Necropolis where he resides. His last legions of undead are significant.  I will join this difficult battle, but you will command the field.  There is one more order you must follow without question. Lord Haart must not die. He is our traitor. We have confirmed the information the necromancers gave to us. Lord Haart was part of King Vilmar's necromantic cult. With Lord Haart's access to Steadwick, poisoning King Gryphonheart's food was a simple task. Acting on orders from King Vilmar, he sought to avenge the banishment of the necromancers from Erathia. I have special plans for Lord Haart."
Evil1a	"A large elvish population inhabits ErathiaТs southeastern coast.  Green and gold dragons, native to the region, augment their military strength.  Before we conquer this region, and detour our forces to Steadwick, we must annihilate these dragons.  Our Kreegan allies from Eeofol requested the honor of this mission.  The Kreegans are fierce warriors.  They will enjoy the slaughter."
Evil1b	"Reports claim a fleet of Enrothian warships have landed on the southern coast of Erathia. We do not know who commands this force, or its size. Through sources in Eeofol, we know Roland Ironfist cannot lead this fleet. Regardless, our plans remain unchanged.  We start the last phase of our underground invasion and solidify our position along the southeastern coast.  Afterwards, we can transport more reinforcements from Nighon.  We have dug the last tunnels to this area.  You will have the tactical advantage."
Evil1c	"Catherine Ironfist has enlisted aid from Bracada and AvLee.  She knows we are close to Steadwick.  We must occupy Steadwick before she arrives.  Once we own Erathia's capitol, not even Catherine Ironfist will wrench it from our hands."
Evil2a	"Our nation's goal was to kill the man who banished us from Erathia. However, Nighon and Eeofol's subsequent invasion has done us an unexpected favor.  Erathia is strewn with the dead.  For the necromancers, this is a season of harvest. This is a season for war.  Queen Catherine is a formidable foe. To defeat Erathia's remaining military, we need a tactician greater than her. We have a plan... an ironic plan. While Catherine organizes the last stages of her war with Nighon and Eeofol, you will sneak into Erathia and locate King GryphonheartТs grave. Be wary. The region is occupied by scattered Erathian. When the gravesite is found, we will resurrect the dead king and make him our pawn. With King Gryphonheart commanding our armies, his former home will become our land of the dead."
Evil2b	"Before we begin our large scale invasion of Erathia, we must fill our ranks. ErathiaТs populous will provide the recruits we need. Invade the local region and resurrect the needed troops."
Evil2c	"A Death Knight named Mot, refuses to obey King GryphonheartТs orders.  An example must be made so others will not contemplate such traitorous action.  Mot has insulated himself with his armies.  Infiltrate his troops, kill him, and take his command.  When he is dead, resurrect his corpse and employ him in your ranks."
Evil2d	"Erathia's military lies before us. It is time to make a bold strike. King Gryphonheart has trained their generals and knows their tactics. Morale will decide this battle.  Morale is not a factor for the undead.  Once we fill our ranks with their dead, our horde will grow and their morale will falter.  Then we will swarm over them. Soon King Gryphonheart will rule Erathia once again."
Secret1a	"For the first time in the history of the Contested Lands, humans and elves have fought alongside one another to defend the region from invaders. When the celebration is over, old hatreds will return and we will be citizens of a land in conflict. We must think about the future of the Contested Lands.  It is time to shape its future.  If our fight for independence is to succeed, we need something greater than our armies to motivate the populous. We need a symbolic cornerstone. Seek out the Grail in the enchanted lands where the Unicorns converse with the trees."
Secret1b	"Our cause is public.  Ironically, many humans have joined the elfin population in our vision of an independent state. Already, factions loyal to Erathia and AvLee organize to stop us. We cannot continue without a strong base of operations. Faruk Welnin, mayor of the town of Welnin, has sent a messenger.  He offers his protection and support. Our war for independence begins now. We must fight our way to Welnin and establish the Grail. When we have accomplished this, Welnin will become our foundation."
Secret1c	"We have come far very quickly. Armies from Erathia and AvLee have arrived to 'restore order.' This jeopardizes our quest for independence, and such hostile elements could ignite a larger war. It is our duty to establish Welnin as the capitol of the Contested Lands and the drive rule of Erathia and AvLee from this territory. If we do not, we will lose all we have fought for and two great nations may once again re-enact the carnage of the Timber Wars.  Today we declare our independence from the nations of Erathia and AvLee."
Evil2ap	"While resurrecting King Gryphonheart from the dead, former King Vilmar met with an unfortunate accident. King Gryphonheart has taken command of the military... and the throne. His control over the dead is beyond anything we have seen. This bodes well for our invasion. However, our lords watch their new king, searching for a sign of weakness."


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