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1. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/01-Lady Lou.rtf
2. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/02-Tired Of Me.rtf
3. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/03-Seawinds.rtf
4. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/04-Take Him In My Heart.rtf
5. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/05-Sounds Of War.rtf
6. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/06-Free Me Now.rtf
7. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/07-Glad To Be Alone.rtf
8. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/08-That's Rock'n Roll.rtf
9. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/09-Helldriver.rtf
10. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/10-Street Fighter.rtf
11. /Accept/02-I'm A Rebel (1980)/05-China Lady.rtf
12. /Accept/02-I'm A Rebel (1980)/06-I Wanna Be No Hero.rtf
13. /Accept/02-I'm A Rebel (1980)/07-The King.rtf
14. /Accept/02-I'm A Rebel (1980)/08-Do It.rtf
Trying to find my ride
But people have ( )
As I'm walking through the rain
Take him in my heart
Sounds of war
Man he thought the world and just the law was just a lie
Glad to be alone
That's rock'n'roll
Your body looks perfect, your face like a rat
Street fighter
I want you baby, so hold me tight
I wanna be no hero
Commiting crimes each day
html">My love is gone out of sight

The king

Commiting crimes each day

But time has changed where he was proud

It's a far away

He took living easy, his bad reputation

Oh it was known all around

But he didn't care no, he made dirty money

Now he is down and out

Thought he knew the tricks of life

Prowling in the dark

Now he's left by all his friends

'Cause he lived apart, of them

He was a leader, malicious and violent

His fame is covered with blood

Now he's just a number, he lost all his power

The king has lost his face

Down down down, though the king lost his crown

Caught and sentenced, he was guilty

Down down down, though the king lost his crown

It's too late - far too high

Late far too high


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