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As you will see, the entries are broken down by area code or country. 
Within each person's entry, the person's name, preferred games, skill
level(as they have estimated it), and e-mail address are listed. 

I have designated a code for each person's preferred games. The code is
defined as follows:

D=DOOM1, DOOM2, or both(no specifics were given)
(You may assume that all games are registered unless otherwise stated,
I assume everyone who has only shareware versions has told me, but I do
not guarantee this. I am not responsible for any misinformation as it
pertains to that--I am merely reporting what others have told me).

I will be updating this DB every 1-2 days, so you will see yourself on
here shortly after I receive your message.

NOTE:It's time to get this list going again!! If you have sent me email to 
join & you are not listed then please resend. I need your area code or country, 
name/handle, games & versions, approx. skill level & email address. THANKS!
IMPORTANT:If you omit any info I need you will not be added!!! I will not be
chasing down anyone for the info! Thanks.

PLEASE e-mail me with any comments, questions, suggestions,
if you wish to be added to the DB, or if you're a member
and wish to have some info changed at:
(WWW'ers can mail me straight from the page).

This DB will be growing, since I'll be posting every 2 weeks or so to
find more opponents for you. If you don't find anyone in your area, don't 
worry! More people are added every day. Hope you find some partners!!
And spread the word!                                            
                      DEATHMATCH DATABASE
                      Last updated 02/01/96
AREA CODE           GAMES        SKILL LEVEL       E-MAIL                                                                                                                      

.PIGEON             D1,D2        getting there
MARK BUDINGER       D2,HT               
WES HUNT            D1,D2        average
SNIPER              D1,D2        average
TOM MURPHY          D1,D2,HT,UD  good   
JAMES BROWER        D2           average
ASTERICK            D1,D2               
JEFF JACOBSEN       ???                 

JAMIL EVANS         D2,HT,TV     average


JOHN PIDDOCK        D2,HT,R(SH)  novice 
ERIC                D1,D2        intermed-expert
RICH                D1,R         beginner

MARK KLASSEN        D1,D2,HT,DE  okay   
SAMMY CHIN          D1           Intermediate
(CYBERWULF)         DE           novice

MICHAEL SZILAGYI    D1,D2        good   
PATRICK MCCLOUD     D2,HT               
JIM CLEARMAN        D1,D2        competent

DIGITAL EPITAPH     D1,D2     "Decent"-restricted 
                              to kb;modem uses 
                              mouse port
TED MARTINEZ        D2,HT         "4"   
RANDY               D2,HT        decent 
                    (wad creator)
                    NASCAR     fast car,kicks butt in the turns!
                    FALCON 3.0 knows the "Art of the kill"
                    ARMADA     "I will feast upon your entrails!"
                    TRANSPORT TYCOON   never played modem yet

DAVE BROOKS         D2(1.9),HT     average
STEPHEN JOHNSON     D1,D2(1.9)     Very good
RAVENWING           D2,PWADS       Novice
JONAH COSLEY        D2 1.9, PWADS  about avg.
"GREGOR"            D2(1.9),HT(SH) avg./good
BILL SPARKS         D1(SH),HT(SH), average
TOM PALLECHIO       D2,DE          average
EAGLE               D2             good 
D.J. SPRINKLE       D1,D2          average
JAY D. O'SULLIVAN   D1(1.666)      unbeaten
JASON FARNSWORTH    D2,R,HT(SH)    moderate
SCOTT MANLEY        D2(esp D!ZONE) average
JOHN MCVAY          D1,D2,R        take no

???                D1,D2,HT,DE     average

MIKE HUIZINGA      D2           "Almost expert"
JORGE ANDRADE      D1,D2           Novice
BRYAN HUSON        D1,D2           UV   
SPARROWHAWK        D1(1.2,SH)      UV   
BRIAN BUFFINGTON   D2              average
KEVIN RANK         D1,D2,DE,HT,W   average+
MARTY M            D               beginner to
                                   intermediate   cserve: 73164,666

REDDOG             D2,HT         expert/average
DAVID              D1,D2,HT      4/10   

STEVEN WILSON      D1,D2                
RICHARD LAGUNA     D1,D2,HT             
FRANCIS AVILA      D2            super-novice
DAVID BLAKE        D1,D2         average
GEORGE C           D2            average
                   DE            beginner

"LDYER"            D1            novice 
WAYNE CHOY         D2            "4 or above"

JEFF GREESON                     "Level 5"
KEVIN SEARLE       D1,D2,R          avg.
ROBERT WILEY       D2             average
PAUL DOHERTY       D2(1.666,1.9)  above average
TOM                D1,D2,HT,UD,R  average
BILL PIKE          D2,R,W,NASCAR    intermediate
BILL REYNOLDS      D1(1.9),D2(1.9) excellent
SHAWN REYNOLDS     D2,HT,R,TV      expert
                   DE(SH),VP       intermediate

FRANK GARZARELLI   D,DE,R,A       average
DAN VENTRESCA      D2,HT(SH)      lowest
MIKE               D2             average
BILL               D2             advanced

"ERIK OLAF"         D2,HT,DE,W    above average
JUSTIN BALLARD      D1,DE         avg.  
JIMI CARRICK        D1,D2         novice 
BRAD SUTTER         D2(1.666)     "second one"
"BRUTSTER"          D2            expert
BILL DEVOS          DE            8-9/10
DAVE FLANAGAN       D2,DE,HT      good  
E.H. WALKER         D2,HT,R       expert
MIKE GRABOWSKI      D2            above average
BULLZEYE            D1,D2         good  

TMc                 D2,DE,HE      intermediate
SEAN DALY           D2,DE      "quite skillful"
SOLSO               D1,HT(SH)     "4"   
DAVID SHEURMAN      D2,DE         pretty good
RON HUMPHREY        HT,R          beginner
                    D1,D2(both 1.9)

SCOTT JEWETT "phos" D1,D2,HT       average
RICH GADE           D1,D2          average
???                 DE             average

CARLOS IRIGARAY     D1,D2           7/9 
FROG                D2(1.7a)       novice
ROBERT A. NURSE     D1,D2          average 
ELBOMBER            D1,D2,HT       on\off
SCOTT BROOKE        D1,D2,HT(SH)   intermediate
                    R(SH),DE(SH)   intermediate
                    COMMAND HQ     borderline expert

RANDALL SHUTT       D2,HT                
MATT CHIGLINSKY     D1,DE,HT             
SEAN LEACH          D1,D2          intermediate
TODD CHARLTON       D2, HT         average
FABIEN ROYER        D1,D2,HT       expert

MARK RYAN          D2              Average
EDGAR ROMAN        D1, D2          Expert
TRACY WALKER       D1,D2           7.5/10
AKIRA              D1,D2,HT(SH)    good  
ROGER HAYES        D1,D2,W,PWADS   good  
BILL HOWARD        D1,D2,HT(SH)    7.23 (1 to 10)
JOHN WILLIAMS      DE,NASCAR       novice
???                D1,D2,HT,R      expert
MAX LEISTEN        D2,CIVNET       good  
                   EMPIRE DELUXE

MICHAEL JARRELLS   D1,D2           never beat

JASON WALTERS      D2(1.7&1.9)      Novice
DAVID MESSINA      D2(1.9),HT(SH), pretty damn good
ALEX RIVERO        D2,HT            very good
"LOQUITUS"         D2              "pretty good"
RAUL RODRIGUEZ     D2(1.9)          ok   
MYSTERY            D1(1.9),D2(1.9)  advanced
KEN SCHMIDT        D1,D2            6/10 
                   HT               5/10
PARABELLUM         D2(1.9)          good &
                                    getting better
                   DE               I suck

ROB "SPYDAH" DOELL D1,D2,HT(SH)       average

REINALDO SCHUMANN   D2             Intermediate
TOD DEBIE           D1,D2          above average
DEREK SCHWENK       D1,D2,HT(SH)   above average
???                 D1,D2          novice
ANTHONY KANNER      D1,D2,DE       average

"DONATH"            D1,D2,HT       above avg.
TED DRYDEN          D1,D2,HT,DE    average+
STEVEN HOFFMAN      D2             almost expert
ARTHUR KAZ          D2             expert
ANDREW B.           D1,D2          above average
                    H(SH),DE(SH)   below average

(312)--(708 ok)
JOHN BASCHAB        D1(SH),D2      average

REX DEVILBISS       not given(check)     
ALEX KEIM           D2,HT(SH)      a good target

MATT TRUDELL        D2(1.666),UD         
MANAV MISRA         D2(pref.),     above novice  
GARY CAUTHON(816    D1,D2,HT       average
in summer)                                   
BILL DOHM           D                    
MARK K. GREENE      D2,DE          average
BOB MICHAUD         D1,D2          average
                    CHESSMASTER 4000

JIMMY BASS         DE  "2 notches above girlyman"
CHRISTOPHER BLIZZARD DE           pretty good

LAWRENCE GARCIA     HT,R                

DON DETWEILER       D1,D2,HT            
RON POLLARD         D1,D2,HT   "adequate prey"
JEREMIAH MITCHELL   D2           "expert"
MARC HOWELL         D2            average
ADAM LEVINE         D2,UD         above average
SCOTT COLLINS       D2,UD         above average
GLENN PASLEY        D2,UD         above average
WAYNE COLONNA       D2,UD         omnipotent
(HITMAN)                          doom god!
TODD                D1,D2,HT,R    average
DON HARTGROVE       D1(SH),D2     pretty decent &
                    HT            better than most &

MICHAEL BOOTH      D1,D2,DE        expert
JIM STAMBERG       D1,D2,DE,HT(SH) intermediate

"DEBBRO"           D1,D2           avg. 
MICHAEL SCHEETZ    DE,HT,D2,R      above avg.
DASAMSTR           D2              average
RONDO              D,HT            pretty good
CHRIS BORNSTEDT    D2              the doom2 god!

CHRIS DIMARTINO    D1,D2,HT,DE   absolute monarch

JOHN CORBIN        D1,D2           good 
RYAN LEWIS         D1,D2,HT(SH)    advanced beg.
OLIVER BANTA       D,HT            average
                   DE              beginner

DON MACLEAN        D1,D2,DE        average
NATHAN WHYTE       D2              average
BRAD PRINCE        D2,HT           very good
"SHIMAZAKI"        D1,D2,HT        7/10  
DEREK LEUNG        D2,pwads        good  
PAUL HOSKINSON     D2(1.9),D1(1.9) average
CAREY MORROW       D1,D2,HT        expert
TOM OPGENORTH      D1,D2,pwads     average or
MICHAEL CHONG      D2 pwads,HT     average
TIM ASH            D1,D2,UD        expert
                   HT,DE,A,WC      average
                   VT              novice
DAVID LITTLE        D1,D2,HT       expert
JAMES WOOLF         D2,HT,R        novice
BRANDEN ROOT        D2,DE(SH)           
PATRICK TIERNEY     D1,D2,         intermediate
                    HT             novice
WILLIAM W. GRIFFIN  D2(1.9),HT          
KEFKA               D1.2(SH)       "I will rip
                    D2(1.666)      up the rookies
                    HT(1.0,SH)     & stand against all else. The only thing
                    OMF(2.0,SH)    I will not get is a fearsome whelp."

STEVE BRYAN         D1,D2          very good
                    HT             novice
SCOTT LANDES        D1,D2,W,NASCAR fairly good

RICH BISHOP         D1,D2          expert
A.D. MILLIS         D2             expert

MICHAEL HECHT       D2             average
TONY WILLIAMS       D2             intermediate
CHRIS BENEDICT      D1,D2,HT            
CRAIG               D2                  
JOHN                D1,D2          2    
TOM WESTHOUSE       D2,HT(SH)      average
PACO HERNANDEZ      D1,D2,TV,HT    average
DUSTIN BROCK        D1            "reach Level4
                                   in Nightmare"

DAVE ALLISON       D1,D2,HT      "Romero-killer"
LIONHEART3         D                    
ANDREW WISCHMANN   "anything,     below avg.
                   ASD2.WAD series
ANDY               DE(1.4)        expert
HARGUN S. KHANNA   D1                   
JAMES T. KATIC     D2,DM wads     advanced
TRAVIS             D2(1.9)        above average
                   (can regress)

ALAN SQUYRES       D1(0.9-1.9)    darn good
                   D2(1.666-1.9)  pretty good
                   HT(SH)         sorta good
JESTER             DE             above average

PAUL GHATTAS       R              easy  
SCOTT BROOKE       D1,D2,HT(SH)   intermediate
                   R(SH),DE(SH)   intermediate
                   COMMAND HQ     borderline expert

STEVEN KRISPLI      D1,D2,DE,HT   expert
DOOMSDAY            R,HT          Intermediate
PAUL ERICKSON       D2            good  
LEE PARKER          D1,D2,R,HT,DE expert
GLENN FISCHER       D1,D2,HT      intermediate
JBPICO JONES        D2                  

CHRISTOPHER PROUTY  HT             pretty good
JAY PARKER          D1,D2,DE,HT,R       
MOTOMAN             D1,D2,R             
PAUL KOHLER         UD,DE,TV(SH)   novice
BOB YAHNER          D1,D2,DE,HT,R  good 

SCOTT BESAG         D1,D2          Novice
MATTHACK93          D2                  
"QUICK"             D1,D2          expert
FRIEDMAN            D1,D2          intermediate

GEORGE CHEN         D2;D1(SH),     novice
BRYANT FONG         D1,D2,HT      "pretty good"
AARON HOMMES        D2,HT         "Nightmare"
MATT NICHOLS        D2            Intermediate
MICHAEL HOWES       D2(1.9)            "4"
JOSEPH DICKSON     any reg.,DE(SH)      
R. HOFMANN          D2             average
MATT HARMON         D2                  
PETE MARTIN         D2             above average
???                 D,HT,R         novice
JASON UCKER         D2             good 
                    DE             novice
???                 D1,D2,R        above average
                    DE,NASCAR      average
                    SPECTRE VR     average
                    MAGIC CARPET   average
                    SLIPSTREAM     average

(415 or 510)
SEAN D. (may move)  D1,D2,HT(SH& reg.)  
"LAPU"              D2,PWADS      above avg.
ERIC SOBALVARRO     D1,D2             UV
DAVID HOPKINSON                    expert
DEL CARDOSO         D2(1.9),DE     expert
PAUL THOMPSON       D2             average
JACK ROBINSON       D2             above average
                    DE(SH)         average
OMAR ALI            D2             expert
BOBBY SITSKER       D2             demi-god
LEE GALDAMEZ        D1,D2,HT,DE         
                    TV,OMF 2097

MARC BISSONNETTE    D1,D2          Average
CHRISTIAN ANTKOW    D1,D2(1.9)    "DOOM Master!"
MIKE HARRISON       DE             novice
RYAN MOLE           D2,DE(SH)           
BRAD SEGAL          D2(1.9)        expert
LEO J. DOMINGUEZ    D1,D2,UD       excellent
ARNE HENDRICKSON    D1,D2,HT       expert

???                 D2            better than you

MARC RENAUD         D2,DE          expert
J. FRANCOIS VEZINA  D2             average
NICOLAS FORTIN      D1,D2          average
                    HE(SH)         bad

BRENT M. GUETH      D1,D2,HT(SH)   ultra violent
MESBAH AHMED        D2             3/5  
OSUBucki            D2             very good

WAYNE ADAMS         D2,UD,DE       new/deathmatch

DAVID HILL          D1,D2          very good
KEENAN WILKIE       D1,D2          average
WAYNE PRICE         D              expert
DOUG                D2(1.7)        unbeatable

TONY WOOSTER        D1(1.9),DE         average
MAN IN BLACK        D2(1.666),      above average
                    D1(1.8 or 1.9), "  "   " "
                    A                  unbeatable
BO VC               D1(1.9)            expert
                    D2(1.666)          average
GARY STEVENSON      D2(1.666,1.7,1.9)  expert
CHARLEY JENKINS     D2,HT              average
PETER DRAKE         DE         "cleared 1st 10
                                levels in trainee" 
PETER ROBERTS       "any regged level" above avg
LOUISP              D1,D2              average+
JONATHAN HOOF       D1,D2,HT(SH)       very good
ALEX MACE           D2(1.6,1.7,1.9)    expert
PAUL LEMIEUX        D1,D2              above avg.
                    HT                 average
MICHAEL SUTTON      D2,DE              above avg.
                    AIR WARRIOR
M. MATT COLGIN      D1,D2              demigod
                    HT                 pretty good
                    DE                 rocking!
CURT WEINDORF       D1(SH 1.9)         good
                    HT(SH 1.0)         good
                    DE                 average
HARVESTER           D1(1.2,SH),DE(SH)  God,
                    D2(1.9),HT(1.0)    who else?
LATE FLAKE          D2,R,HT(SH)        average
                    UD                 above avg.
                    DE                 below avg.
JACK EDIN           D1,D2,UD           10/10
                    TV,HI-OCTANE       8/10
                    DE                 8+/10
THOMAS JACKMAN      D2                 highly
                                       (doesn't play
                                       people that suck)

BRIAN HUSTER              D        above average
THOMAS WARD (ETHER CARD)- D2       pretty good
SCORPION                  D2       average
                                                  challenger BBS 504-291-3800
JEFF HARRISON             D1,D2    expert
JASON VILLAMIL            D1,D2    expert    or

FAUST              D2(pref.),    "immortal"
                   DE, others
49ERFAN            D1,D2,HT  "killed 7 in 1 blow"
ICE CUBE           D1,D2,HT      "hold my own"

KEVIN SIGL           D2,D1          9/10                     
BILL CONNOLLY        D2,D1          7.5-8/10

MONGOOSE             D2(1.7)        expert
LIAM HOLT            D2(1.9)        above average
VIPER                D2,HT          above average
DON OLSON            DE             savage
BRIAN SMITH          D1,D2(1.9)     "they say
                     DE(1.4a)       I'm good...
                                    yet, am I?"

DARREN WRIGHT        D2,NASCAR      extreme good
NOLAN GARRETT        DE             intermediate

STEVEN WONG          D2(1.9)        average
MICHAEL CONSTANT     DE             expert
GZUP95               D2,D1(SH),HT(SH)   
RYAN SEDEGAR         D1(1.9), and   medium  -or- 
                     D2(1.666 & 1.7a)   
DENNIS CLOUSE        D2             good
LEWIS HYATT          D2,HT          4/5 
LYLE FONG            D2             good
JOE MASTRO           D1,D2,DE,R     poor
CHUCK                D2             expert
                     DE             veteran
                     R              average

STEVE SCOTT         D2,A          average
FELICIA DAY         D1(SH),D2 moderately advanced
JOHN ALME           D1,D2        "adequate"
GENESIS KRZYZANIAK  D2            average 
SERGIO GONZALEZ     A,D2                        
STRONTIUM DOG       D2,HT,DE      average
TONY CAMPBELL       D1,D2,HT      above average
AARON BARKER        D2,R(SH)      average

BARRY O' HARA       D2,HT,W       above average
JOHN GORDOS         D2            Moderate
CHRIS WAGNER        D1,D2         high  
ANDREW VOGEL        D1,D2,HT,DE   above average

LAFLAMME MARTIN    D1,D2                 
SIMON BORDUAS      DE,D,HT        expert     
BEETLE             D2,DE,R       "it'll hurt"     beetle@step.polymt
MICHEL GABEREAU    HT             expert
                   OMF 2097       moderate
RUDY JURJAKO       D1,D2,HT,DE,R  good  
GORAN MATIC        D1,D2          pretty good
                   HT             not so hot

BRIAN HOSTETTER    D2             intermediate

WALTER KIEDROWSKI  D1,D2          intermediate
BEN SUWANKOSAI     D1(1.9)        7/10  
MATTHEW A. AMATO   D2             not too rough/
                                  hurt me plenty
NEON SAMURAI       D2,W           rarely loses

ROB MCCARTNEY      D2(1.9),HT    "damn good"

ERNIE ANDERSON     D               very good

JAY-BONES          D1(1.666)       average+
MARONT                             average
JGAMER             D2                   
RICH CONDON        D2(1.999),HT    expert
                   DE              average
                   W               decent
                   A               below average

DAVE HAMM          D1(1.666)       above average
ANDREI PROKOPIW    D1,D2           above average
TASS               D2,HT           very good
BRIAN B. HAUGH     HT              above average
                   D2              novice
SAM BOYAJIAN       A,INDYCAR       average

BRIAN JACOBSKY     D1,D2, HT,DE     average
???                D2               demigod
SAM WEINSTOCK      D2,UD            average
FRANCES            D2                   

BREWER101          D2                   
RAY MILLER         D2(1.9)          so so

ASHLEY WILSON       D2            master!
WILL GREEN          D1,D2,R       avg->deathwish
ROBERT BERGER       D1,D2,HT,R    average
ROBERT MARENTETTE   D1,D2         average+
NICK EVERSON        D1,D2         dangerous

CHRIS LYON          D2(1.9)       above average
MIKE BOICE          D2(1.9)       above average
                    DE(1.0)       average

JIM ALLISON         D2           really good
RODNEY GITZEL                            
JAMES HILLIS        D1,D2,HT      average
LINDA BROCK         D2            HMP    
GRADY THIBAULT      D2            average
BRAD PRINCE         D2,HT         very good
VANCE LOISELLE      D2(1.9)       avg./good
STEVE SILVESTER     D2            above average
DARCY WESTFALL      D2            average
OZZY                D2            very good
KEVIN GAMBLE        D2            average

DANIEL COTTER       D,R,HT,DE            
DWAYNE EDWARDS      D2(1.9)       above average
JASON MOORE         D,DE,HT,R     very good

SIMON LEE           D2,W,CHQ        average
                    GLOBAL CONQUEST       
SPAM                D1,D2,UD        6/10  
                    HT(SH)          5/10
                    DE(SH)          3 or 4/10

JASON KENEKLIS      D1,D2,HT        Expert
ZACK                D1,D2,HT,R      average

KENNETH VUNCANNON    D1(SH),D2      average
THOMAS CARNEY        D2             9/10  
PAUL BOWEN           D1,D2,HT       average
SPENCER MOORE        D2             above average
BOB NAUGLE           D1(SH),D2,DE         
GEORGE               R              normal
DAN SUKHIA           D1,D2,DE,R     moderate to
                     OMF2097,X-WING advanced
                     DARK FORCES
                     TIE FIGHTER,FLASHBACK
                     SPECTREVR,PRIVATEER CD,
                     WING CMDR,STUNTS

P.J. HUCK            D2,HT,DE,R     average
HENRY DIECKHAUS      D2             average
ANTHONY              D1(SH),HT(SH)  beginner
BRIAN HANKEY         D1,D2,HT,R     putz\lamer
FREDERICK A. FURIA   D1,D2          very advanced
P. PRIOR             D1,D2          expert
BOGIE                D1(1.7A,1.9)   average

GABE FRAHM           D1,D2          novice
MARK TESTER          D1,D2          average
"HULIO"              D1,D2,HT,R,DE  intermediate
CHRIS DALE           D1,D2          expert
BRANT MOTEELALL      D2             expert
MARK BOYUM           D1,D2,HT,DE(SH)    
DAN                  D1,D2          mouser
MARK STEVENS         D2             expert
CRAIG GJERDINGEN     D2,HT          expert
TIM O.               D2(1.7,1.9),DE good!?
SHAWN SCOTT          D2,DE,NASCAR   beginner
JASON GROSS          D1,D2          8/10
                     DE             7/10
DAN MCGRATH          D1,D2,R(SH),HT awesome

CHRISTINA O'REGAN   D2(1.9),DE      8/10
JASON RUSMISEL      D2              7/10
JOSHUA DENAULT      D1,D2,DE        average
KEVIN O'DONNELL     DE              expert
DEREK C. FERGUSON   D2,DE,HT        expert
DAVID KYDD          D2,DE,W             

DON DUVALL          ??-check            
LAWRENCE MOSLEY     D1,D2         skill level 2
WILLIAM JACKSON     D2,HT,DE            
BLACKDWARF          D1,D2,HT   "pretty damn good"
LINDA BOYER         D2(1.9)       intermediate
KEN MCDOWELL        D1,D2,HT      expert
JEFF TATAREK        D2            novice
PATRICK VAGLIENTI   D1,D2,HT      average
KYLE BLANKENSHIP    D1,D2         average
ERIC R. DAVIS       D2(1.9)       expert
DELIRIUM            D2(1.9)       expert
ANDREW ROBERTS      D1,D2,HT      advanced
DAVE SCARBROUGH     D1(1.9),D2,HT novice
JACK HARRISON       HT                  
DUANE FALLS         D1,D2               
CHUCK CALVERT       D2(1.9)       expert
JOSH                D2(any)      "da best simply
                                  da best"
TODD GRECO          D1,D2,DE,HT,R above average
TAGE JONCKHEER      D1,D2,DE      above average
                    FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX

TIM MCGRANOR        D1,D2(1.9),HT        

JEREMY TULL        D2             5/10  
DAVID LAROCHE      D2             5/10  
DOUG PRATT         D1,D2                
JASON LEE          D2,DE          above avg.
ALLEN PENLEY       D2,R,FALCON 3  8/10  
                   NETMECH        10/10
                   BATTLEDROME,A  9/10
                   F-15 III       9/10
                   WARCRAFT       7/10
                   SEAWOLF        6/10

"DAJAA"            DE,D1,D2        7/10 
JOSH SCHIFTER      DE              7/10 
PAUL WALTHER       D1              above avg.
DEATH SEEKER       D1(SH),D2,      expert
                   DARK LEGIONS
ETHAN O'CONNOR     D1,D2,DE         7/10

ROGER PAULEY       D2                average

DAN SNYDER         D2,HT             average+
SHAUNA SONNENWALD  D1,D2             average+
MATTHEW SCANLON    D2,HT,DE          average
"ABL1"             D2(1.9),
VINCENT TSAI       DE,TV             medium
GERONIMO95         D2(1.9)           3/5
"UTOPIAN"          D1,D2 W. Comm.3   expert
JOSH GUNDER        D1,D2(1.9),R(SH)  average
ROBERT EARL        D1,D2,HT,DE       above avg.
                   (latest vers)

ANNE M. ROY        D1,D2(both 1.9)      

GRIFFON WALKER    D2,DE,HT,R,A,     very good
DAR MANDRA        D2                    
GREG GANN         D1,D2,R,HT(SH)    average
ROBERT VILLASANA  D2,HT(SH),DE      fragged by
                  VIRTUAL POOL      some of the
                  NASCAR            best
LOWELL HAMILTON   D1,D2,DE,HT,R     top of the
                  TV(SH),W          line

CHRIS DAY         D1(SH),HT(SH),   "rarely loses"
AARON EDWARDS     D2,DE             expert
CHRIS MORRIS      D1,D2,HT,R,           
"ERIC"            D2,R              above avg.
CHARLES SEVERANCE                   novice 
JEREMY            D2, Dark Legions  novice
STEVEN COX        D1,D2,DE,HT(SH)"not too shabby"
ERIC157           DE                    
JEREMY STOPPELMAN D                "the best"
MAZIN JALILI      D2(1.9),D1(SH),  "pretty good"
                  R(SH), HT(SH)
PIET"HAMMY"BARBER D2(1.666),DE,A   sneaky as hell or
JAKE MIHALAK      D1,D2             deadly
???               D1,D2,HT,DE       intermediate
RON EARP          D1,D2,HT          "pretty damn

JUMPSTILE TURNER    D1,D2,HT        damn good
MOON                D2(1.9),DE(1.4a)120/10
DANIEL SMITH        D1,D2(both 1.9) average+
ROB FRESHMAN        D1(SH)(1.9),    6-7/10
ERIK SANDERS        D1(1.9)         expert

BERDUSCO            D2              expert
BURTON STANGER      DE(SH),TV(SH)   rookie
                    NASCAR(1.2)     average
ANDREW GERHARD      D2              a natural
                                    but still curse

BILL MULL           D1,D2(both 1.9) advanced
                    MAGIC CARPET
                    DARK FORCES

PAT                 D1,D2,DE,HT,A  brutal
                    MECHWARRIOR II

MIKE CHESNUT        D1,D2          average
PAUL CAINKAR        D2(1.666,1.7,  4/5  
DEREK KOPP          D2(1.7)        5-6/10
JOHN FOLAN          D2                  

RORY ASHTON          D(ANY),HT      3/10
CHRISTOPHER PERSON   D2(1.9), HT        
"MRROGAZ"            D2(1.666)      UV  
TODD BURNS           D1,D2,R        above avg.
MOONRAKE             D1,D2          8 (1 to 10)
                     DWANGO member & pwad builder
ALAN SQUYRES         D1(0.9-1.9)    darn good
KYLE                 D2(1.7)        Doom God
TONY KLUSTER         D1(SW)         best there is
JOHN BITNER          D2(1.9)        slightly
                     HT(1.2)        above average

DAVID TSENG          D1,D2          average
GRETCHEN PLEMMONS    D1,D2          average

SKYJAMMER          D1,D2          above average
???                D1,D2,HT               
INDRA GEERTS       D1,D2          Novice  
COLIN MAHONEY      D1,D2,HT        8/10   
DANIEL CANHAM      D2             intermediate
URLORD             D2             average 
NICK AMENO         D2,DE(SH),             
JOE CERCONE        D1,D2          above average  
COLDFIRE           DE             good    
JASON OLDFIELD     D2             expert  
                   DE             novice
                   R              above average
                   TV             average
???                R              average 
                   A              expert
                   NASCAR         below average
                   W              above average

"FRANK"            D1,D2          expert  
THE ANGEL          D                      
PRIMAL FREAK       D1,D2          "god"   
LEO J. MURARO      D1,D2,HT       better-n-average
MICHAEL R. MYERS   D1(1.9),UD     way above average
SUSAN E. MYERS     D1(1.9),UD     way above average

JIM WILLIAMS       D2              "UV" 
DAVID BLAKE        D1,D2          average
GEORGE C           D2             average
                   DE             beginner

TERRY OTT          D1(ep.1 only)    4/10
QZ7G               D1,D2,HT         above average
                   DE               level 3
                   R(SH)            new
NATHAN PUJOL       D1,D2            above average
RYAN ROBINSON      D1,D2,HT         pretty good
BRENDAN SMITH      D(1.9),R             
JOHN COFFEY        D1(1.666),HT(SH) strong/doom
???                D,R,DE               

DON DYER           D1,D2,HT,DE,    average

HANDY FEET         D2               average
KEITH SOLOMON      D1,D2            unbeaten
DAVID MANDRELL     D                moderate
MERLIN             D1,D2,DE         pretty good
BENJAMIN WILLIAMS  D2,HT                  
JAMES PETERSON     D2,A,NASCAR      novice
MOON               D2(1.9),DE(1.4)  120/10
JACK PORTER        D1(1.66),D2(1.9) pretty good     wpo:{dhec4005.columb31.porterje}

PETER MEREDITH     D2              Above avg.
STEVE WILLIAMS     D2(1.7a)       "doom god"
ANDREW TREMBLAY    D2(1.666,1.9),  Above avg.
                   500+ PWADS
LONNIE7711         D                         
PAUL BURT          D2(1.9)         expert

BRAD FLICKINGER     D1,D2,prefer HT above average
GALA                D1,D2,HT        expert
JASON MURPHY        D1(1.666&1.9)  "A killer!"
"DAAYVE"            D2(1.666&1.7a)  expert
MIDIJEFF            D2(1.9)         novice
CARAQUENO           D1,D2           average
???                 D2              expert
SONIC               HT              novice
DEREK SCHWENK       D1,D2,HT(SH)    above average
K.K.                D1,D2(both 1.9) expert
BRIAN DUNCAN        D2(1.9)         very good
SAGE HERRON         D1(1.9),DE      very good
JOSE HERNANDEZ      D1,D2,R,HT(SH)  very good  or

AARON STEWARD       D2,HT                

THE JOURNEYER       D1,D2            average
RAJUN CAJUN         D1(1.9),D2(1.9)  expert
ALLEN "IK" BAQUILAR D2               expert
KEVIN               D1,D2,DE         novice
BILL MOTE           D1(1.9),D2(1.9)  very good
                    DE               sucks
QYV                 D1,D2,DE,HT,A    expert


TIM SCHAEFER        D1,D2      "slightly advanced" 
CRAIG ELDER         D1,D2    "I need a challenge!"
SDOGG               D2               intermediate
ADAM                D,HT             average
RON MILLER          D2,DE,UD         new to multi
JOHN DI GIACOMO     D1(SH),D2            

TOM HEVERLY         D2            need fresh meat
JUSTIN MAZUR        D                intermediate
REBRANE             D1,D2,TV         murderous

THE BEATNIK        D2,DE             very good
KRISTIAN GADOURY   D2,DE             average
DENNIS PUPELLO     D2,HT,DE          advanced
JASON ELKS         D2                average
ROB DYHOUSE        HT-"pretty nasty"     

CHRIS NIKLAUS      D2,HT           very good     
(DOOGIE)           DE              average

"JORDY"            D2(1.9),             

S8N                D2,DE           average
                                   builds DM levels
CRAIG HESS         D1,D2           awesome
MARC MCKINNON      D1,D2           expert
ROBERT JUMP        D2              novice
DEAN RAGAN         D1,D2,HT        novice  or
ZHODANE            D1,D2,HT,TV     average
PRPLHAZE           D2(1.7a)        hmp trainee

(817 or 214)
CHARLIE VANNORMAN  D2          between HMP and UV 

HOTSHOT1           D1,D2,DE        good,good,ok
NICK AMIR          D2              expert
JAMES S. ROSS      D1,D2           expert
                   HT,WARCRAFT     novice
                   FRONTLINES      novice
                   SYNDICATE PLUS  novice

(818) or (213)
DAVID BARES        D2(1.8)         HMP         

DCD          DE(avg.),HT(top player in So. Cal.,
             D2(top3 in So. Cal.)
MICHAEL MILLER     D1,D2           novice
STEVEN WALTERS     DE              novice

RICK JEANNOTTE     D2,DE,HT        intermediate

JIMMY SIEBEN       D1,D2, HT(SH)   "Pretty good"
ASTRO-CREEP        D2              darn good
EDWARD DAVIS       D1,D2           ultraviolent
                                   all the way!
BILL COLLINS       D2              "the best in
                                   this area code

KURTIS HARPER      D2                    
MIKE GALLAGHER     DE              novice
SEAN GREENE        D1,D2           average
CHRIS COLLINS      D2              good  
ANDREW PHILLIPS    DE              good  

RICHARD O'BANNON   D2(1.9)         average

ROBERT TACHER      D2,HT           average+
???                D2,DE,HT,R      expert
ERIC MARCOULLIER   D2              average

DELON              HT,D1,D2,R,DE   "2"   
GARO KARAOGHLANIAN D2              pretty good
DARREN TRUMBLE     D2,DE           average
BRAD SEGAL         D2              average>expert
DAN MONTGOMERY     D2              novice
DON PARKER         D2              pretty good
PHIL SEEL          D1(1.9),D2(1.9) above average
LARRY PRINGLE      D1(1.9SH)       nothing to brag
???                D2,UD           ultra violence

PUNISHER           D2                     
KEITH WEBSHAR      D2(1.7a)               
ALEX MARKOVICH     D1,D2,HT,R             

ROBERT SYNNOTT     D2             "OK"    
JOE                DE             "little above
                                   kick ass"

BRANDON RILEY      D2              average
JEREMY OREM        D2,UD,HT(SW)    average

KEVIN HUANG        DE,ARMADA       average+
                   WORLD CIRCUIT
TOMMY              D1,D2           average
MUAD'DIB           D2(1.9),HT,DE   pretty good
                   MECHWARRIOR 2

PAUL D. SHELTON    D2              intermediate

JEFFREY RICHESON   D2,HT           int./adv.
THE RAVEN          D2(1.7a)        "doom god"
KNIGHTMARE         D1,D2,HT,DE,R   good enough
MARCELLUS TABOR    DE              above average
MICHAEL EVANS      DE              7.5 (1 to 10)
THE DRAGON         D2              medium 
REEPERMAN          D1.D2           above average
                   (both 7.0)
DAVID WEICHERT     D2(1.7)         intermediate
RAY VAN DOLSON     D1(1.666,1.9)   average
                   DE,R(1.2)       novice
???                D2(1.9),HT,DE   is there any
                   R,TV(SH)        real competition?
???                D,DE,R,HT,TV    novice 
                   (ALL SH)

CHARLES GOLDSMITH  D1,D2,HT,DE,R   Expert on Doom,
                                   and DE, fair on
BENJAMIN LOK       D1,A            above average
                   D2,HT           average
                   DE              expert
BNHORNET           D2(1.7a)        novice 
J.B. SOZA(YAUTJA)  D2(1.7,1.9)     ok     

CHRIS FLORA        D2,HT           average
MATTHEW DOBBINS    DE              average
ALAN HIRSCH        D1,D2           novice 
ROBBIE VAUGHN      DE,D1,HT(all SH)below avg.       (contact Matthew Dobbins for address)
DAVID WEXLER       D1,D2,HT        way above avg.
STEVE GIBSON       D2              average
CHARLES BURKETT    D1,D2,HT,       above avg.
                   DE(SH)          average      

KARTHIK HARIHARAN  D2              level 1

MARK               D2                     
IAN HOWSON         D2              sorta good

THE STALKER        D1,D2,DE        good  
ROO                D1,D2,R,DE      intermediate
                   TV              novice

ALISTAIR KERR      D1(1.666,1.9)   above average   e1416260@watt.lab.eese.bee.qut.e
SEAN BROWN         R               intermediate
FORAGER            D1,D2(latest)         

MFG THOMAS         D1              very good!

MICHAEL CRANE      D1,D2,HT,DE,R   average

LEONEL RENTERIA    D1,D2           expert

JESPER RASMUSSEN   D2              very good

OLIVIER MONTANUY   D1,D2,HT        "real bad"
MARC AZOULAY       D2               UV   

STEPHAN FERRARO    D1,D2            professional

JOHN SUMMERFIELD   D2                    
KUMAR              D1,D2,HT,DE      pretty good
STEVE SOUTAR                        Novice         Steve.Soutar@new.mts
DAVID WILD         D1,D2                 
(ifrag or 
LEROY CUTIS        D2               average          
STEVE RAWLINSON    D2               fair-good
ANDY MARTINDALE    D2               quite good
(ifrag IP
PHIL BENSON        D2               good 
(ifrag IP
PAT HARBORD        D2               the dogs
(ifrag IP

RICHARD GREEN      D1,D2,DE,R       above average
KEITH SCOTT        D1(1.9),HT(SH)   fair 

JOSEPH MELLORS     D1,D2            beginner

SIMON CHANDLER     D1,D2,DE         pretty good

WILLIAM WONG       D1,D2(both 1.9)  born to be a
(DEATHADDER)       UD               true killer!

SIGGIL             D2(1.9,1.6),UD   expert

MICHAEL MCCARTHY   D2,HT,R          almost there!

???                D1,D2            ultra violence

MIGUEL PEDRO COSTA D1,D2,HT         expert
(+351 53 73293)    DE               good
                   ARMADA           quite good

ULF HEDLUND        ??(check)             
DANIEL LINDROS     D2               average
MINDLORD           D1,D2,PWADS      good           sk@cak.pp.s


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