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Title                   : Judas  (DOOM ][ Deathmatch) 
Filename                : judas22.wad (BE SURE TO READ *SCORING* BELOW) 
Author                  : brian vannatta (Stragenl on IRC)
Email Address           :
Misc. Author Info       : Co-author of igor9.wad, danzig1.wad, and 
                          danzig2.wad; author of judas21.wad.  Molson Canadian
                          is quite a beer.
Description             : Judas22.wad is a fast-paced DEATHTAG level designed 
                          for play using ORIGINAL (v1.0) Deathmatch Rules.
Additional Credits to   : Brandon Weldon (
                                - Brandon put a lot of GREAT ideas into this
                                  pwad - I'd almost have to say he's kinda
                                  cool.  ;)
                          Gideon ( Steve Grecni
                                - Steve put some ideas and a LOT of play-
                                  testing into this level!  Much thanks to
                                  him - be sure to check out his GIDEON*.WAD
                                  series for DOOM ][ Deathmatch.
                          Aikman ( & 
                          Talon (
                                - The two guys who developed the original
                                  DeathTag concept (upon which this pwad is
                                  based).  Cool concept - much thanks!  Check
                                  out U_DTAG.WAD for more details on the
                                  original DeathTag style of deathmatch.
                          Deth (
                                - The creator & maintainer of the MOST 
                                  excellent Scott's DOOM Pages -
                          Scott and his 
                                  group put much playtesting and some fine
                                  ideas into this pwad.  Thanks to him not 
                                  only for the playtesting, but also for his 
                                  DOOM Pages!  Don't miss COMPDETH.WAD, a 
                                  concatenation of five of his DOOM ][ 
                                  Deathmatch pwads.
                          Dweller in the Cellar (
                                - Much thanks to The Dweller and his group 
                                  for playtesting and feedback.  Be sure to 
                                  check out his DWELLER*.WAD Series for 
                                  DOOM ][ Deathmatch - DWELLR14.WAD and
                                  DWELLR15.WAD are in the making!
                          Evil Genius (
                                - The DEUTEX God!  Much thanks to him for
                                  taking the time to explain many of the 
                                  little details of DEUTEX.  Without the help
                                  of Evil Genius, the SKY2 flat in Judas22 
                                  would not have been possible.  Be sure to
                                  check out his pwads for DOOM ][ Deathmatch,
                                  including RADIUS1.WAD and THE_EGG.WAD.
                          Krusty ( Mike Marcotte
                                - Thanks to Mike and his group (Chris Snyder,
                                  Tim McSherry, and Andy) for playtesting, 
                                  feedback, and some GREAT LMPs to illustrate 
                                  his critique.
                          Rajun Cajun (
                                - Thanks for playtesting!  Visit Rajun 
                                  Cajun's Web Page in Hawaii -
                                  ( - and check out
                                  his DOOM ][ Deathmatch pwads!
                          id Software
                                - The MASTERS...

* Play Information *

Map #                   : Map01 (for DeathTag reasons) 
Single Player           : No
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
DeathTag 4 Player       : YES (SEE *GAME PLAY* BELOW!)
Difficulty Settings     : Implemented for various modes of play (SEE BELOW!)
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : DOOM2 SKY2 (cityscape) replaces SKY1 on Map01
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *
Base                    : new level from scratch, based upon the DeathTag 
                          concept as developed by Aikman & Talon
Editor(s) used          : DETH v2.666, WARM v1.4, DEUTEX v3.6
Known Bugs              : please report any to

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels, 
concatenations, or otherwise.

You MAY distribute this PWAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file

* Where to get this PWAD *

FTP sites:

* A Few Things... *

        Judas22 is my first attempt at a DeathTag level.  While this is the 
sort of concept I was considering for Danzig2 Map20, I ultimately rejected it
because I thought it would be impractical.  Obviously Aikman & Talon have 
proven that this is NOT an impractical concept, as the success of their 
U_DTAG.WAD illustrates.  Much credit goes to them for taking the first steps
in authoring this type of pwad.  

        NOTE:  I've written this text file with the assumption that you 
               understand the concept of DeathTag.  Please acquire the file
               U_DTAG.ZIP (which includes a detailed explanation of the
               original DeathTag rules) for more information.

* Game Play *

        After much review of U_DTAG.WAD, I decided that I would not exactly 
follow the original DeathTag concept for one reason:  altdeath.  I am a 
regular practitioner of Original Deathmatch Rules and therefore could most 
decidedly NOT author judas22 with altdeath in mind.  
        What about the problem of the radsuit not respawning?  Well, I didn't 
use the radsuit/lavalake concept - I came up with something new (and 
completely compatible with Old Deathmatch Rules) and fairly simple.  I've
devised the "scoring ladder" - a series of lifts that a player must ascend in
order to score.  You'll see in the pwad exactly what I'm talking about.
        Judas22 is basically comprised of two identical (mirror-image) 
"forts" and a neutral playing area situated between these forts.  Players 
work in teams (see *TEAMS* below) to score a total of five points (see 
*SCORING* directly below).  After scoring these five preliminary points, a 
team will have access to the FLAG and therefore be able to win the match.


        In essence, one player (let's call him player #1) must invade the 
enemy fort and flip a switch (as in U_DTAG.WAD) to lower bars back in the 
home fort.  The second player (player #2) is then able to pass through these 
bars and has access to a teleporter.  BEFORE entering the teleporter, 
player #2 MUST flip the switch on the wall (directly before the teleporter)
to lower the first lift on the scoring ladder.  Player #2 may then pass 
through the teleporter and should step forward to board the awaiting lift.
As player #2 ascends each lift, the next highest lift will lower until he
reaches the top of the scoring ladder.  Player #2 should then drop down into
the scoring area.
        In the scoring area, a player will have access to a scoring switch
and, after five points, the FLAG switch.  Colored "point markers" (skull   
posts) are visible throughout the level to indicate score:  

                        one skull = one point

Once the preliminary five points have been scored, a player will be denied 
further access to the scoring switch and MUST HIT THE FLAG SWITCH TO WIN THE 
MATCH.  Colored panels will then be revealed throughout the level to indicate 
which team has won, and an exit door corresponding to the winning team's 
color will also open.  

        Note that a match can only be played to six points, and sometimes 
only one match may not be adequate.  In such a case, I would recommend 
playing an entire game in SETS OF MATCHES:

                      Best of three games = 2/3
                      Best of five games = 3/5
                      Best of seven games = 4/7
                      Best of nine games = 5/9

* 4-4 Tie *

        In the event that both teams simultaneously reach a score of four
points, a powerful weapon will become available (but ONLY while BOTH teams 
have four points).  In the building across from the scoring ladders rests 
either a plasma rifle (SKILL 1/2/3), or a BFG9000 (SKILL 4/5).  Again, ONLY
during that time in which BOTH teams have four points will this weapon become 
available to "spice things up."    
        Note that players must enter the "Big Weapon" building from inside
a fort via teleporter.  This same teleporter can also provide a fairly quick,
if indirect, route to the scoring ladders in case a player needs to cover 
his partner...

* Teams *

        Generally, players divide into teams according to color:

                        Green & Indigo = BLUE Team

                        Brown & Red = RED Team

However, players may choose teams in any manner they wish as long as TWO 
teams are formed.  
        Obviously team play is necessary in order for players to score.  One
player must flip the proper switch in the enemy fort so that his teammate 
may gain access to the scoring ladder.  However, you'll note that a player
ascending the scoring ladder is completely exposed to enemy fire for a 
considerable amount of time.  Thus, it is almost imperative that while one
player is ascending the ladder, his partner PROTECT him until he reaches the 
safety of the scoring area.  A good team will learn and devise the best  
strategies necessary for accomplishing this task.

        Communicate!  Fast & accurate communication between teammates is
essential.  I recommend programming a few macros:

                     1)  I'll take the switch.
                     2)  I'll take the bars.
                     3)  Hit the switch!!
                     4)  I'm at the bars...
                     5)  COVER MY ASS!
                     6)  Hit the damn switch!
                     7)  Where the hell are you?!
                     8)  Shit.
                     9)  Let's switch tasks.
                    10)  I hate DeathTag!

* Difficulty Settings *

      - Skill 1/2:  Includes shotguns, chainguns, rocket launchers; plasma
                    rifle is available ONLY when score is tied 4-4.            
      - Skill 3:    Includes shotguns, supershotguns, chainguns, rocket 
                    launchers; plasma rifle is available ONLY when score is
                    tied 4-4.

      - Skill 4/5:  Includes shotguns, supershotguns, chainguns, rocket
                    launchers, plasma rifles; BFG9000 is available ONLY when
                    score is tied 4-4.

* "It's too hard to score!" *

        Nah, you just need practice.  ;)  
        I hope you enjoy Judas22 - please send me LMPs, as they're a blast
        to watch!  Kind of like DOOM ESPN...


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