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PLEASE POST THIS in the Doom2 Deathmatch Directory
It is one of the very best deathmatch levels as well as Death tag.
Thank You.

This is the FINAL version of MTN_KING.WAD -- All Bugs Fixed.

Title                   : Mountain King Version 2.0
Filename                : Mountkng.Wad
Author's                : Tom Mustaine (Paradox) -- Level, GFX.
                          Josh Martel (Null, Undertow) -- Sounds, Map05.

Email Address           : / (Doh!!)
Misc. Author Info       : * Doom2 Master Levels Wad Designer
                          * TNT Team Member (3 levels, Music, GFX)
                          * Memento Mori Team Member (Map14)
			  * TNT2 Team Member (Cool maps)
			  * Author of the Core/MMI S3M Music Pack.
			  * Author of the Unoffical HEU for Heretic
			  * Author of the Zen of Deathmatch FAQ/Book.
                          * Available for professional level mapping, textures,
			    music, or concept design for Any Game, contact me.

Description/How to Play : Mountain King is a wad based on a new idea
			  similar to the Capture the flag concept.  I'm Sure
			  you all have seen the DethTag Series and various
			  spin off's, but this wad is a LOT different.  No
			  annoying Rad Suits to wait for, No long lava pits
			  or skull Posts to read the score.  MK features
			  a live scoreboard that displays each players total
			  points (green, indigo, red, brown, red team, and 
			  blue team)  The object of the game is to score
			  5 points and then proceed to the Final scoring pod
			  where a player will win the game.  
			  * There is a Large mountain to scale, once at the
			  top you must lower a floor by hitting the down
			  switch and get inside your scoring pod.  If you
			  get killed while the floor is lowering, your
			  enemy can raise it back up with the Up switch.
 			  * Once you have scored 5 points, then your goal is
			  to get to the final scoring area (west on the map)
		  	  and locate your final score switch.  Once you
			  enter the final scoring area, a sign will appear
			  that says "Look Out!!" Warning the other players
			  that somebody is about the win the game.  
			  *  If you are successful in scoring the final point
                          then the exit will become available. 
                          * Its a simple concept, no strange switches to find
			  or wierd traps to overcome.  To see more how the
			  game is actually played, load the wad and watch
			  the 1st demo.  In this demo there is a 2 player
			  game on Map04.  (See below for more details on 
			  the differences between maps 1-4)

Additional Credits to   : * Josh Martel (Sounds)  Bob Mustaine (Playtesting)
                          * Talon (Ideas, Beta Testing)  
                          * Shawn Green (Getting me back into designing)
                          * Sverre Andre Kvernmo (Crainum) Master Levels GOD.
                          * All those who were there at DM95, Even Merlock     
                          * All the Members of TeamTNT and ID Software

Special Thanks to       : * All those on the Denver Dwango server 
			  * Billy Zelsnack, and Lee Kime (Good Luck Guys)
			  * Those in #doom that aren't dammned annoying
 			  * And all those cool DM players that I have run 
  			    across:  NoSkill, Arcademan, PVP, Merlock, Carnage,
                            Paul, Grayson, Spanky, EvilGrin, and Shadow.
			    (This is credit to those who have beaten me, or
			     come real close...)

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Map01 through 05
Level Descriptions      : Map01 - Four Player, Single Play.  All against all.
                          Map02 - Four Player, Team Play.  Blue team and Red
                                  Team.  Green/Indigo vs Red/Brown.
                          Map03 - Three Player, Single play.  All against all.
                          Map04 - Two Player, Single play.  Two man Battle.
                          Map05 - Upper.wad -- Excellent Deathmatch level 
                                  by Undertow.
Single Player           : Too look around and get familar with the level only.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No Way.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Oh Yes.
Difficulty Settings     : * Skill 2-4 only have shotguns, Chainguns, and 
                            Rocket Launchers.  No powerups (Supercharges, Etc)
                          * Skill 5 has The BFG, Plasma and Powerups.
New Sounds              : * Yup.  Original sounds from Goonies, Ace Ventura, 
                            and some new from Army of Darkness.
                          * Snagged the pistol and Shotgun from Warzone.wad
                            (Too Cool to pass up)
                          * The slop sound is Sloth from Goonies...heheh...
New Graphics            : * All sorts of new GFX, for scoreboard, Score Pods,
                            Sky and so on.
                          * New Titlepic, Intermission and help screens.
New Music               : * All sorts of new music.
                          Titlepic: Hall of the Mountian king.
    			  Intermission: D_Bunny from Doom1
			  Map01: Descent Map01 Music (Thanks Talon)
                          Map02: Doom1 E1M7 Music (Too Cool)
                          Map03: Head Like a Hole (NIN)
 			  Map04: Heretic E1M9 Music (Awesome with Sound Canvas) 
			  Map05: Something I can never have (NIN)
Demos Replaced          : * DEMO1 is a 2 player deathmatch on Map04 between
              		    myself and Undertow.  Watch this to pick up on 
			    how to play.  Quick demo.
           		  * DEMO2 is something I wanted to throw in.  MAP32.
 			    I Slop all the SS dudes with beserk and then
			    Kill the Cyberdeamon with beserk (last few punches.)
                            Too Cool to pass up.
                          * DEMO3 is Myself and Undertow playing on map05
                            until 20 frags.

* Construction *

Base                    : From Scratch, New concept idea.
Editor(s) used          : DCK (The best) - Deutex - NWT - Dpaint - Midi2Mus
			  Paint Shop Pro - Midisoft - DEU 5.21
Build Time              : A few weeks, working around Work.  If I didn't
			  install Winjoke95, it would have been done sooner.
Known Bugs              : There are some distance and Visplane related HOM's
			  that show up ocassionally when standing in certian
			  spots.  Nothing to big, if you see em, just move 
			  a little, They will go away.
  			  * Any other Bugs -- Email me at

Other Stuff             : * There might be a few secrets in the wad-file
			    if I decide to toss them in there.  All you
			    doom hackers should have no problem finding them.
			  * Also, I would like to greet a few non-doom 
			    buds out there that should see this sometime.
			    Zach Hall - Jimmy Hjort - Richard Kent
			    Garrett Penwell - Alex Koachmar - Steve Edwards
			    Matt Williams - Chris Tubman and Sara Hudson.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact, and pay me large sums of money (This stuff ain't free 

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites: Ftp.Cdrom.Com and Mirrors.

BBS numbers: Any _GOOD_ Doom BBS

       Scott's Doom Pages (Hopefully)

Other: Possibly a CD..Who knows.


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