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Названиеdeathmatch/deathtag/sq tag1
Дата конвертации29.07.2012
Размер8.88 Kb.
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Title                   : SQUIRREL TAG 1
Filename                : SQ_TAG1.WAD
Author                  : Brian "Squirrel" Eiserloh
Email Address           :  (comments welcome)
Misc. Author Info       : I'm naked.
Description             : Inspired by Talon & Aikman's "Ultimate Deathtag",
                          this map is basically Capture the Flag for DOOM2.
                          Two teams of two players compete to be the first
                          to score 5 points (explained below).  Like
                          DeathTag, the score is tallied within the map
                          itself, and is displayed in various places
                          throughout the map and in both castles.

                          Four players are required, since the game is played
                          with 2 teams (red vs. blue) of 2 players each.

                                  *** Read DEATHTAG RULES, below ***

Additional Credits to   : Aikman & Talon, for a great concept and many hours
                          of fun playing Ultimate DeathTag.

                          Noel, Natas, Romero, & Joey for playtesting & input.
                          (Thanks for breaking my level, you bastards!  ;-)

                          id Software for making DOOM2 the best deathmatch
                          game of all time, and for nearly causing me to fail
                          out of college.

* Play Information *

Level #                 : MAP01 (DOOM2)
Single Player           : Um, Nope.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Not as such.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes - two teams of two (deathtag)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes (Skill 1 if you want to include the Plasma Gun)
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : No

* Construction *

Base                    : Scratch
Editor(s) used          : DCK v3.62, WinTex v4.3, ZenNode v0.98a, PSP v4.14,
                          NWT v1.03
Build Time              : About 30 hours
Known Bugs              : None (let me know if you find any)

* Copyright / Permissions *

Feel free to steal any concepts or elements you like, as long as you
give some credit.  And don't be dumb and, like, sell it or something,
or I'll have to smack you down.

* Where to get this WAD * pub/doom2/deathmatch/deathtag

If you like this map, be sure to also check out:
    U_DTAG.WAD      (Ultimate Deathtag)  by Talon & Aikman
    U_DOGTAG.WAD    (Ultimate DogTag)    by MrBlonde

How is Squirrel Tag different from Deathtag and DogTag?
In Squirrel Tag, the colors on the castle might be opposite
what you're used to with wads like U_DTAG.WAD, but they're
much more intuitive now (and marked better).  The red fort
belongs to the red team, and contains the red team's switch
for releasing the radiation suit in the blue castle.  The
second red player must infiltrate the blue castle, go into
the suit area there (where the red gate is), steal the suit
out of it, and teleport back to safety next to his partner
(who just pushed the button) in the red castle.  He must
then proceed to the red scoring zone at the opposite end of
the map, behind the blue castle.  Unlike DogTag and DeathTag,
there are two different scoring zones, one for each team.
For a complete rules summary, read DEATHTAG RULES below.

                 D E A T H T A G   R U L E S

                       for SQ_TAG1.WAD
  (some text shamelessly stolen from U_DOGTAG.WAD - I'm lazy)

What is Deathtag? (for new players)
Deathtag is a whole new approach to playing multiplayer Doom.       
In the past, the purpose was to have as many frags as possible.
Deathtag offers a new purpose for two-on-two Doom II play: to
invade the enemy's fort, steal their flag (a Radiation Suit),
and make it alive into your scoring zone for a point.  5 points
allows you access to your victory zone, and a sixth point ends
the game with you as the winner.  In Deathtag, your frag count
is meaningless.

How do you play?
Gameplay is very simple.

- There are two teams: Blue and Red.  Each team must have exactly
  two players (you must have four players to play Deathtag).  You'll
  need to decide for yourselves beforehand (or as soon as the level
  starts) who is on which team with whom.

- There are two forts, a blue one and a red one.

- Within your fort is a switch that opens a colored door (actually a
  lift) in the enemy's fort.  At the top of that lift is a Radiation
  Suit.  Therefore, Deathtag requires that one player stay in your
  team's fort to hit the switch, while the other sneaks into the
  enemy's fort to steal the suit.  Once you get the Rad suit, you'll 
  be teleported back to your fort, where your switch-hitting buddy is
  waiting for you.  Then, you make a run for your team's scoring zone
  at the opposite end of the map.  You'll have to cross a sea of
  deadly acid (of your team's color) and access a lift to reach the
  scoring ramp.  Once you do, press the skull switch as quickly as
  possible; press it immediately, or you'll miss your chance.  This
  will score a point for your team.

- Note:  You can ONLY take the suit out of the enemy's fort.  The blue
  team steals their suit from the red fort, the red team steals their
  suit from the blue fort.  If the red team obtains the suit out of
  their own (red) fort, it will do them no good.  The game will only
  allow you to score a red point using the red suit - which is stolen
  from the blue castle - and vice versa.  Thus stealing the wrong suit
  is of little use other than to deny the other team using it.

- Scoring:  You play to 5 points.  Each time you press the button in
  your team's scoring zone, you will score 1 point.  You will notice
  your team's updated score displayed in two ways throughout the map:
  (1) the number of skulls of your team's color rising out of the
  ground (in the center area and all around your castle), and (2) an
  actual (arabic) number inside both forts, in your team's color.

- Winning:  Once your team has 5 points, you will no longer be able
  to access the normal scoring button in your team's scoring zone.
  Instead, go through the scoring process one last (6th) time.
  Proceed to your scoring zone as usual, but once you are in your
  scoring tower you must drop down to the ledge below (careful!).
  Run along the ledge (in the center room) to your team's final
  victory area; go up and in, and press the button.  This ends the
  level and wins the game.

- Timeout Locks:  There are several time-out locks in the map that
  prevent cheating and rapid-scoring.  There are eight in total,
  four on each side:  (1) a metal lock in front of the button in
  your fort that prevents you from pressing it, (2) a metal lock
  in front of your suit gate in the enemy's fort that prevents
  access, (3) a black-and-grey lock in front of your scoring
  button that prevents you from scoring, and (4) a black-and-grey
  lock in front of your final scoring/victory button that prevents
  you from ending the game.  Both of your team's metal locks close
  when your team gets the rad suit from the enemy castle.  They do
  not open again until 60 seconds have passed (the duration of the
  rad suit).  So it is impossible to score more than once every
  minute, or to score twice with one rad suit.

- Progress Indicators:  You can fairly easily tell the status of
  the other team's activity by the status of their Timeout Locks
  (see above paragraph).  When the metallic timeout locks (in
  front of their suit-switch in their castle and in front of the
  suit area in your castle) are:

      SCROLLING DOWN, it means they have just stolen the rad suit
      from your castle (within the last 15 seconds).  You still
      have time to stop them.

      CLOSED IN PLACE, it means they have had the rad suit for at
      least 15 seconds (between 15 and 45 seconds) and are
      probably going to score on your sorry ass at any moment.

      SCROLLING UP, it means they have had the rad suit for at
      least 45 seconds, and therefore have less than 15 seconds
      left in their suit.

      NOT VISIBLE (OPEN), it means the opposing team does not
      have the rad suit and is not in a position to score.

- Weapons:  Rockets, shotguns, super shotguns, and chainguns only.
  If for some demented reason you want to play with the plasma gun,
  set the skill level to "1".  It's much more fun without it, though.

Good luck and Have Fun!!



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