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Deathmatch Warmup
by Jjukil and Justin Madigan

Deathmatch Warmup is a bit of a deathmatch simulator.  I, however, don't
pretend to say it IS one by any means.  Nothing replaces a real DMer.  These
are enemies controlled by computer.  Still, these enemies come closer to
being real deathmatchers than most simulator enemies.  They're good to
practice on--or have practice on you.

The zip contains two files.  They are the patch file and a .wad file.  Apply
the patch file to a hacked Doom ][ .exe, then run that .exe using the param
-file dmw.wad .  Bam, you're in the game.

Unlike most .wads, this needs a bit of game directions as well.  You are in
a deathmatch .wad, a great one in my opinion; this wasn't by me but by the
much better level designer  There will be an SS Nazi 
sitting in the room you are in.  DO NOT SHOOT IT...yet.  You can explore the
nuances of the level, if you want; I wouldn't advise getting the powerups
already there, though.  When you're ready to fight, go ahead and shoot the
Nazi.  It won't flinch, but it will release...a spawn cube.  It rockets to a
position in the level, providing your opponent.  Seek and Destroy.

To keep you alive, whenever you create an opponent, the Nazi waits for a
long time, then spits out the Ultraitem.  This item will cycle between a
Medikit, shells, cells, or rockets.  If you watch it closely, you can get
whichever you need.  Make sure you let it land, though, or you'll only get
a Clip!  Then again, if that's what you need, just let it hit you.

If you do entirely too much damage to the Nazi--1000000 points--it will go
up in flames, and the level will end.  The game is over.  If you've survived
this long, however, you don't NEED any more warmup--go find somebody to

Another good place, built into Doom ][, is Level 30.  Just shoot for the
brain, and you can get an opponent.  There's not much to the level at all,
but you get the opponents.  Even better, you can create real mayhem by
shooting it repeatedly.  Chaos abounds as everyone starts out going for you,
but most end up killing each other!

Official Enemies

Fist/Pistol Opponent:  These dudes aren't just reduced to the fist, because
that wouldn't be a deathmatch warmup.  They do, however, pull it out at
close range, and in the spirit of a warmup, they do more damage than they do
with a pistol.  Replaces the Demon.

Chainsaw Opponent:  The good news--they have no distance weapon.  (They ran
out of ammo.)  The bad news--if they get close to you, they have death-
dealing chainsaws that take off double your damage at the same speed.  This
enemy teaches you to stay away from chainsawers.  Replaces Spectre.

Pistol Opponent:  He's a walking, talking(maybe not), shooting pistol dude.
There's not much else to say about him; he has no powerups and is merely a
Trooper on steroids.  About as tough as an Imp, he takes their place and the

Shotgun Opponent:  Watch out for these!  They have YOUR shotguns now, buddy-
-not 4 but 7 pellets flyin' at ya.  No other powerups, though, which is
good.  These take the place of the Shotgun Seargents and--Hell Knights.
(Yes, they're that tough.)

Super Shotgun Opponent:  Yes, you heard right.  They're armed with sawed-
offs just like yours, just as fast as yours.  These are as deadly as a
deathmatcher with one.  Replaces only the Baron of Hell.  (Now you see the

Chaingun Opponent:  The chaingunners will spout a chaingun at you.  They
also follow you around, going about the same speed (a little slower; they
have to aim) as when they move normally.  These are a pain, so ice them
quick.  Replaces the Chaingunner and the Pain Elemental.

Rocket Opponent:  These don't fire one rocket--do YOU fire one rocket?--but
two.  Watch out.  Replaces the Revenant.

Plasma Opponent:  You are going to hate these.  They're just as effective as
a deathmatch player--firing until you're gone or...gone, following you like
the chaingunners, and having the same power and speed as a plasma rifle--and
they don't run out of ammo.  Replaces Cacodemon and Arachnotron.

BFG Opponent:  These aren't quite the deathmongers they seem.  For one
thing, they don't move around, like the dangerous Plasma dude.  They also
take just as long to warm up--and down--from their shot as you, and they
won't move during this time, either.  Get the drop on them and they're just
as dust as the Pistol Dude; let him get the drop on you and expect death.
Replaces Archvile, the worst enemy that can be spawned.

Comic Relief:  The Mancubus remains the same, with one small change:  they
carry BFG's now.  There's one small surprise, however....

Comic Relief:  After what I did to the Mancubus--unwittingly, I might add--
I just couldn't resist doing it on purpose to the SS Nazis.

The Official Pain In The @$$:  This is the Official Pain In The @$$ enemy!
They are named thus for two reasons.  First, they obviously have one; every
time they fire or get hurt, they scream.  Second, their weaponry consists of
rockets and a Super Shotgun THEY ONLY PULL OUT UP CLOSE; not only that, but
they have a Soulsphere and Green Armor backing them up.  In other words,
they have and are a Pain In The @$$.  Enjoy.  Replaces Spider Mastermind.

Master of Death:  Hey, and these are even better.  They have a BFG, a chain-
gun, and a Super Shotgun.  From afar, they'll use the BFG, then switch to
that chaingun.  Your only saving grace with these is that they don't follow
you with that chaingun--they just stay in place, ready to go back to the BFG
whenever you get out of sight.  Up close, they pull out their Super, without
the warning scream The Pain In The @$$ gives you.  They have a Megasphere
pulling them to 400 HP of punishment--as in, a BFG won't always mow them
down.  Replaces the Cyberdemon, as if you couldn't guess.

1. The rocket explosions effect some but not all opponents.  I could never
tell in a crowd, but rocketing the wall next to The Pain In The @$$ or the
Master really shows this off.  This is unavoidable.
2. They don't move as fast as players.  They're close, but without making
them look jerky I couldn't get them faster.  This could possibly be fixed
with a LOT more work than I want to put in; settle for the fact that they're
faster and more fluid than most DM simulator players.
3. The Chainsawer's very very slow when firing.  I admit this and invite
others to fix it reliably; the main problem is he's faster firing than he
is to begin with.  To synchronize these would be a fair challenge, but see
#2 for why I'm not.
4. The Chaingunner, Plasma Rifler, and Chainsawer look really really stupid
when moving and firing at once.  The Chainsawer is the worst--he chases
after you slowly, slot-machining around after you.  As for the others...if
you can tell while they're firing at you, you aren't exactly warming up for
deathmatch, are you?
5. The players appear in certain positions, due to being spawned.  Eventual-
ly you can find out the pattern.  This is also unavoidable.
6. I admit that my code isn't even as clean as my room(and that's saying
something).  I had some ideas that didn't work out, and I didn't go back and
fix them.  It doesn't hinder gameplay; still, sorry, anyone that cares.

Differences from DM Simulators
1. Basically, all the enemies are different from simulator enemies.  The
shotgunner shoots 7 pellets, there's a super shotgunner that shoots 21
pellets, the chaingun/sawers and plasma riflers follow you around, etc.
2. The durations are all the same as the weapons you have.  (The only in-
accuracy here may be the weapon change time; I didn't want to determine
3. The movements are fluid and fast, like a player's.
4. The death screams.  Just like you, the player, they will die...or DIE HI.
You rocket them and you will be rewarded.
5. An inefficiency different from simulators:  no opponents will shout out
their pain, as you do.  This is because if they did, they would stop their
after-fire frames.  Therefore, they could instantly fire again.  This is
most apparent in the BFGer and S. Shotgunner.  I guarantee you don't want
them to fire again until a player could.
6. Opponents themselves are entirely random.  You may know where you'll find
them, but you don't know what weapon they have.  Very often, unfortunately,
you'll get a plasma rifler.... =P

The Normal Patch Info

Title                   : Deathmatch Warmup
Filename                :
Author                  : "Jjukil", Justin Madigan
Email Address           :,
Misc. Author Info       : Jjukil:
			  -I exist.  And existance is good.  Unless you're
                          near the Borg.  Then existance is futile.  Or is
                          that resistance?  Hmm...
			  -Check out at!  Also,
			  e-mail me if you want to see a guide site to
			  -Justin: Extreme Hacker.
			  -Member of Functional Entropy.  Go see for details.
			  -Check out at!  (Go
			   for the Megawads directory!)

Description             : This is not a deathmatch simulator, but rather a
			  deathmatch warmup.  Many enemies that not only
			  look like but act like players in this patch/wad.
			  Use this when you can't find somebody or need to
			  warm up!

Additional Credits to   : Tree, who made Dehacked
                          Raven, who made WOT Doom
                          id Software for something just a bit obvious
			  The makers of GTT, Mr. Doom Solo, and Comp-DM

* Construction *

Base                    : No real base, but ideas from GTT
Editor(s) used          : DeHackEd v3.0
Known Bugs              : There are no real bugs in this.  There are a lot
			  of cosmetic quirks and oddities, but nothing that
			  messes up gameplay.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may use these files for editing, considering there's no way I can
stop it.  My only request is you send me and Justin your versions of the
patch or a link pointing to where one can be found on the Net or FTP.  I
know I can't stop you from not doing this, but I'll try hard to find
them anyway if you refuse for some reason.

You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, CD, diskette,
etc.) as long as the entire zip file remains intact or all files in it are
grouped together somehow (directory, .sit, etc.)

* Where to get this PATCH *

FTP sites:

BBS numbers: none


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