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Doom2 Deathmatch Training Facility and Documentation:

This zipfile is a package containing documents,
recordings, and a Doom2 level (wad). These are intended
to help a player develop skill in agility and aim for
Doom2 deathmatch, and to increase understanding of the
game specifics as they apply to deathmatch. 

The main document, Manual.doc, starts with discussion of
beginning skills and concepts, and moves through
intermediete skill, then to advanced skill. The manual
suggests certian things be practiced in the wad at
specific stages of the player's development.

This entire package contains:

Facility.wad --The Deathmatch Training Facility
Manual.doc   --The Manual that accompanies Facility.wad
The BFG FAQ  --A document written primarily by Tony Fabris
keybordr.doc --A discussion for keyboard-only players
begin.lmp    --Demo of beginner skills as in Manual.doc
agility1.lmp --Demo of beginner agility only
weapons1.lmp --Demo of beginner weapons practice only
basicbfg.lmp --Demo of BFG stuff for beginners
intermed.lmp --Demo of intermediate skills as in Manual.doc
advanced.lmp --Demo of advanced concepts as in Manual.doc
facility.txt --The descriptive textfile for the wad

Special Discusions, provided by the respective players
for this release of

AdvMap01.doc --Discussion of advanced Map1 gameplay by
               DMcon1 Map1 tourney winner Galiu

XolMap11.txt --An Interview with Xoleras on Map 11

Recordings of great players, included for study:

Xol-Hij.lmp  --Xoleras and Hijinks on Map 11 --Burnout and Galiu on Map 1 --Scratchy taking on 2 other players at once
               in a SSG map.  --Embrionic Pete and Chunkk on Map 7


deathmatch/facility iconInternational Environmental Trading Group (“ietg”) Ukraine – Kiev “Ukraine’s First Integrated Environmental Financial Facility”

deathmatch/facility iconUndp mdg carbon Facility (brief outline) углеродный механизм проон для црт kaplina Anna
Мобилизация финансовых средств через углеродный механизм для выполнения Целей Развития Тысячелетия (црт)
deathmatch/facility iconДокументы
1. /doom2/0-9/10level.txt
2. /doom2/0-9/24hours.txt
deathmatch/facility iconДокументы
1. /doom/0-9/00_e2m8.txt
2. /doom/0-9/01fava.txt
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