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Title                   : Ice Base
Filename                : ICEBASE.WAD
Release Date            : March 6, 2004 (Uploaded 3/22, see note)
Author                  : The Net Nomad
Email Address           :
Misc. Author Info       : Doom fan since the very first version;
			  Wad editing for about 14 months now
Description             : A deathmatch level for Skulltag set in an
                          icy landscape. Fight in the base itself, in
                          the ice cave, on the frozen lake, or out on
                          the snow. All Skulltag weapons and runes
                          are included to make a more interesting
Additional Credits to   : NiGHTMARE for most of the textures... and
                          of course ID for this excellent game.

* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom II (Skulltag)
Episode and Level #     : MAP01
Single Player           : No
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : No
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : Yes
Demos Replaced          : None
* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : WadAuthor v1.3., Wintex v5
Known Bugs              : See note
Build Time              : All of February. :-P

* Notes *
Technically, this was uploaded to the archive on March 22, 2004. I
meant to release it on the sixth, but the archive was down. I DID
release it to my own site, so I wasn't sure what date to put...

All new textures, except the following, belong to NiGHTMARE:
Ice Cave Wall (Unknown)
Ice Flat (from Hexen)
Ice Water frames 2-4, Icy Waterfall, Purple-light flat (I did those)

The music here is from another recently-released deathmatch wad,
WinterDM. I'm not sure where it really came from; it's level 8 from
that wad.

I'd reccomend you play this wad with these settings in mind:
* Respawn items on, respawn mega powerups on
* Definitely allow jump and freelook. Probably allow BFG aiming, too.
* Dropping weapons and/or runes may make it more interesting...

In some games, certain weapons, items, or runes may appear to be
floating, in a strange location or may disappear entirely. I have next
to no idea what causes this; it only happened in a few multiplayer
games. All these "invisible" items are still reachable, however.
Usually the problem occurred to the runes most often (the rune would
never become visible when you press its switch, but you could still
take it), but sometimes it happens to weapons as well.
* Tips *

Ice Base was designed with jumping in mind, so almost nothing was
made impassible. Need another way out of the base? Jump out the
window. Trapped on the exterior platforms? Jump over the railing.
Even two of the secrets (that are normally accessed by a teleports)
can be reached if you use the high jump rune.

Doors open automatically in this level when you approach them, so
don't worry about wasting any time there.

The base itself is full of switches and other things to press.
Besides getting items in here, you can do other things... for
instance, there are two sniping platforms in the corners where you
can hit your opponents by surprise. But beware, it's easy to get
around the back of them. Also, pressing one of the consoles in front
of a window will close that window for 15 seconds (in case you'd like
to be a bit safer in there).

The base has an upper area as well; head through the north door in
the tech room to enter the main hallway. From here you can reach the
upper area, which is another entrance/exit to the base. In this room
there's a single console that will close all four windows in this
room for a few seconds. Jump up on the console and press the computer
wall here to find the exit (be sure to turn exit off unless you want
people to be able to use it).

Each weapon, with the exception of the BFGs and the Chainsaw, appears
twice: once on the "front" side and once on the "back" side of the
level. Basically the "front" side is the main battle area out on the
snow to the south (the lower level), and the main room of the base. The
"back" side is the rest of the base, the "backyard" and also the ice
cave (the upper level). Here are the weapon locations:
Chainsaw: It's out in the open, on the little hill in the southeast
section of the front side.
Shotgun: You can't miss them. One is at the top of the slope leading up
to the front-side platform, and the other is on the step in front of
the back-side platform.
Super Shotgun: Both of them are inside the base. One is in the lower
room... look in the southwest corner, it's in a beam of light there.
The other is higher up... head through the lower room and up the
stairs, then hit the switch right in front of you to lower it.
Chaingun: On the front side, move around the outside of the base, on
the left side, and you'll find it. On the back side, just head into
the base and it's sitting on the computer console.
Minigun: On the back side you can find this weapon sheltered by a wall
of ice in the northeast corner of the "backyard." On the front side,
look inside the base for it... but beware, bars will come down and
block you for five seconds. You should fire between them or out the
windows during this time.
Rocket Launcher: One of them is out in the open. In the lower half
of the level, look on the east side, near the chainsaw. The other one
is on the back-side platform next to the Drain rune.
Grenade Launcher: One of them is on the ground on the front side...
make your way around the east wall of the platform to find it. The
other grenade launcher is in the ice cave... look closely, it's in a
little dark alcove there.
Plasma Rifle: On the front side, get up on the platform and look around
the east side... it's against the wall in that direction. The other one 
is on the back-side platform, on the opposite side of the rocket
Railgun: On the backside, look for a slope in the northwest corner of
the "backyard..." it's down there. The front-side railgun is up on the
ice platform on the west side, and can be accessed in three ways. One
way is to get the High Jump and simply jump to it. There is also an
entrance from the icecave. On the backside, enter the ice cave from the
"backyard" and go down to the two blue torches. See the white fountain?
Press the wall here and you'll find a teleport to the railgun platform.
Finally, there's a Deathmatch start on that platform.
BFG9000: In the lower side of the base, look in the northeast coner;
there it is. To open the door, look for the two sniping windows in
the northwest and southeast corners of the room. Get around behind
either of them and look up above the windows; there's a switch on
each one. Press it and then run through the open door to the BFG.
BFG10K: In the ice cave, look for a passageway in the north wall.
Look in here... there are two paths. To the left leads to the
"backyard" and the secret telport mentioned above. For the BFG, take
the right-side path, down the slopes and past the fountains. You'll
end up near a turbosphere and a pool of icy water. Run through the
waterfall to grab the BFG10K.

Berserk: It's in the lower portion of the base. In the center of the
room, there's a switch... press this and the berserk will lower down
to you.
Partial Invisibility: In the same room as the Berserk, look for the
console on the north wall. Press this, and the computer panel in front
of you will open. Just jump up to the inviso sphere.
Computer Map: Head for the ice cave entrance from the main hallway
(the section where the wall's been blown open). Look closely on these
walls for a switch, press it, and a map will appear next to you.
Soul Sphere: Jump into the lake and look for an underwater passage
to the south (as opposed to the cave entrance to the north). Follow
it around and jump out of the water, and there it is.
Turbosphere: In the ice cave, look for a passageway in the north wall.
Look in here... there are two paths. To the left leads to the
"backyard" and the secret telport to the railgun. For the turbosphere,
take the right-side path, down the slopes and past the fountains. It's
sitting in its own little column of purple light down there, next to
the waterfall.
Doomsphere: Enter the ice cave and find the spring pad. Bounce on it a
few times and you'll eventually teleport to a platform in the south-
east corner of the lower area. Once there, press the wall behind the
medkit and it will lower. Proceed down the slope and take the

To get runes, look for rune pedestals. These are little gray metal
platforms with a red switch on one side. Hit the switch and the rune
appears. If it doesn't appear, wait for it to respawn (it will not
respawn on the pedestal, you'll have to hit the switch again). If you
walk away from the pedestal, the rune will disappear again.
Haste: It's on a little island on the west side, sheltered by the ice
platform. You can only get to it by walking around to it on the ice, or
by falling onto it from the platform.
High Jump: It's on the front-side platform near the door... you can't
miss it.
Spread: It's up on the ice platform with the railgun.
Strenth: This one can be reached from the base's main hallway. Jump out 
either of the west-side windows and fall onto the ice platform. It can
also be reached by jumping from the main platform, but be warned that
this may take a bit of time to do right (and time is VERY valuable in
Resistance: Much like the strength rune, this one is on an ice platform
that you can reach by jumping out of the east-side windows, or from the
main platform.
Rage: It's at the end of the main hallway, on the west side.
Drain: It's on the west side of the back-side platform, near the rocket
Prosperity: Enter the ice cave from the "backyard" and turn left. Look
Regeneration: This one's tough to get because you can't get it without
first getting the high jump. Get that first, then go through the base
to the "backyard." Go to the railgun (northwest corner) and look up;
there's a high platform. Jump up to it, then up to another platform
with the pedestal on it.
Reflection: Enter the ice cave and find the spring pad. Bounce on it a
few times and you'll eventually teleport to a platform in the south-
east corner of the lower area. The rune pedestal is here.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may not use this level as a base to build additional
levels without asking me first. Not that I expect anyone to want to
copy any of this... :-P

You MAY distribute this WAD however you want, as long as you include
this text file with it.
* Where to get this WAD * and mirrors

Icebase is a Clan ORB project.

My personal page of wads and other random crap:


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