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The Phenomenon of Eternal Existence. Some results of reflection about the Turing model of consciousness. - 2010. (Electronic edition. Popular science publication). Polosukhin Boris Matveyevich.

The content

Appeal to readers 2

Preface to the electronic edition 3

Our theme – immortality 4

How to concern to this book 5

Guidebook 7

Acknowledgements 10

The idea of immortality 11

A gainless lottery? 14

The Weak "points" 16

What does the religion think in the given occasion? 19

Wonderland 21

Let's engage in meditation 22

Essential features 24

Something about the prefix "re" 25

Is it possible to immortality (eternal life) "in a materialist"? 27

Man "rip" 30

From the abstract to the real - one step 31

Lesson geometry with a physical bias 33

We - for the informational approach 35

Self-applicability or continued classification 72

Return to the self-applicability 75

The two process 80

We pay tribute to the difficult circumstances 81

What we see and what we choose? 82

The side effect 83

Panegyric of self-applicability 84

Nishe for the God 85

The resume for nonspecialists 86

Two links of a circuit 87

"Analogy" to light » 89

To the right you will go, on the left you will go 90

We float aside 92

The Mammals with a 'flat face' 100

Unfavourable conclusion 102

An arbitrary diversity? 103

Uniform language of a human brain 104

Three simple experiments 106

Whether it is possible to find a trace? 106

Alpha a rhythm? 108

The proved guesses 110

My, these idealists… 111

Another consciousness, we do not know 112

What we can not 113

Give a slice of your brain 114

The important maxim 115

When disappearing, our "I"? 116

What is an antinomy? 117

Two of the cabins 119

The author makes a concession.

It is a little in greater detail about transformation 123

Whether the soul is necessary to us? 123

Let us recall the dreamer from Kaluga 126

Let's listen to other voices 127

Universal master key 130

A flock of blue birds 131

Lyrical digression 133

It is a little cybernetics 137

Curtseys 138

Oh, these materialists … 139

What I "will" after death? 140

Two early 143

"Thou shalt not kill" 144

Summing up 146

Repetition - Practice makes perfect 148

Three tests 151

References 152

Appeal to readers

English-language reader! You have in front of a translation of our book, made by automatic translation companies Googl and Prompt. The translation is done in 2010. The author brings the reader an apology in advance for the quality of translation, because he had no opportunity for a number of reasons to interfere in the translation manually. The author hopes that with time the quality of translation could be improved.


Is there really immortal or is it just a religious myth? The author proposes and justifies the scientific hypothesis that the existence of another life - a real natural phenomenon, closely connected with another phenomenon - the human mind. This book is a special form out of personal immortality, is called by the term "subjective immortality" and apparently coinciding with the Buddhist concept of reincarnation I'm human.

While the themes of the book is relevant to the widest range of readers, the subject matter is indeed complex, can not be called easy in some places and method of disclosure topics. Therefore, the reader is required or a high level of training or attentiveness and willingness to overcome the encountered difficulties in reading the book. The reward for this can serve as new knowledge about such an unusual phenomenon.

Blessed memory

favorite of my wife dedicate

Preface to the electronic edition

Since the first edition of this book at the Moscow publishing house "Nauka" (1993), passed 17 years. Quite long enough on the scale of human life, and sometimes social and political, as happened in Russia. But this term is negligible in terms of global, profound changes of the human mind. This must be said, to briefly highlight the history (if that word is appropriate here) the development of the idea of the phenomenon of eternal existence after the first edition of the book.

Circulation of books (10 thousand copies) sold pretty quickly that it is not surprising. This was the demolition of one monopolistic ideas, and the birth of mass and splashing in the light of a variety of concepts and little ideas, various rumors. All they have formed a rather stormy, we might say, a muddy stream. The author can not say that in this flow concept "PhEE" as a significantly differentiated, but surely can say that it is not carried away into oblivion.

For a short time, the author received about two dozen letters from readers. Most of them contained the epithets of the most superlatives. Only one letter was abusive. However, suffered desecration not the idea itself, but a lot of grammatical errors that slipped through the sieve of copyright and correcting the eye. Like, how can such a careless clearance to submit a book to scientists and university councils? However, the criticism was fair for the author's laudable: it means that the idea deserves to be with her go to the highest scientific authority.

In the highest scientific authority by neither then nor later did not run. But with the moral and material support of management institute where the author was then working, was in this institution to hold the first (unfortunately, the only) scientific-theoretical conference, entitled "Information aspects of life, death and immortality." The Conference was quite representative: in addition to (mainly) Moscow reports, presentations and speakers were from Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Kiev. Even managed to publish the proceedings of the conference - much as 100 copies. Basically, they all retired to the authors of the reports on the familiar. Several instances have to implement in two major libraries in Moscow.

Following the conference, the author had the opportunity to make presentations and reports on the concept of "PhEE" has a number of conferences and seminars (Christmas readings at MSU [1], Institute of Oriental Studies, seminars in the Institute of Philosophy [2], several workshops on the biological and physical faculties). In 2001, the Internet was created site , which compiled a rather extensive material on the "PhEE".

The electronic edition of the book compared to the first undergone several changes. Added some new sections (sections), clarified some of the language, the most difficult, according to the author places the text, with the addition of explanations. Added to the list of literature.

Chapter 1. Do not look at the mountain from close range

And so, with difficulty trying to develop
How would a ball of some complex yarn
Suddenly you see and what should be called Immortality. Oh, our superstitions!

N. Zabolotskii

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