You've Got To Belong To It

НазваниеYou've Got To Belong To It
Дата конвертации28.08.2012
Размер4.24 Kb.

You've Got To Belong To It


Build an inner door, drop and then explore

You smoke your head on straight, then drink

Your woes away -

Some might not understand possession

Controls your head


You recognize it, while some ignore it

Avoid the masses, you've got to belong to it

Belong to it... (x2)

Your music is your friend But the roof

Above my head. So seriously I take the will

That never breaks

Some might not understand, possession

Beyond your hands...

(Chorus - x2)

Belong to it... (x2)


It's power and sin, and then you've got all the other habits

Whiskey and smoke

It's all that we could need, to plant the perfect

Seed, disembody me - yeah...


Belong to it... (x2)


You\You've Got To Belong To It

You\You belong to me, I fill your mouth with dirt

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