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4th Russian j-rock Convention

Название4th Russian j-rock Convention
Дата конвертации31.10.2012
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4th Russian J-Rock Convention

The fourth festival for all j-rock lovers will take place in Moscow on August, 15-16, 2009. This is a great event for all j-rock fans in Russia and neighboring countries. The convention started in 2006 and since then we have come a long way: each year we welcome more and more guests and performers, we expand the list of nominations and make friends with other Japanese culture festivals in Russia. The convention lasts for two days – the first day of contests and a traditional afterparty on the second day.

Who we are: The convention was started by “Roger’s J-rock Page”, Russian portal about J-rock. Roger’s J-rock Page has recently celebrated its 8-year anniversary. Five years ago the site creators launched the J-rock Party Project in Moscow.

In 2007 we joined forces with jrock4u.com.

Our friends and sponsors are:

What we do: J-rock Convention is in first place a competition. This year we designed twelve nominations for our participants, including traditional “Best Cosplay Show”, “Karaoke”, “Best Fanart” and recently introduced nominations like “Lolita Defile”, “Best Cosplay Photography”. All our friends are represented in the jury. We also invite long-term members of J-rock community from all over Russia to judge the competitors. We present two awards for each nomination – “Jury’s Choice” and “Audience Choice”.

A new nomination this year is “Original Costume Photography”.

Our winners receive certificates of honour and prizes from Japan. Winners, participants and guests are welcome in the “Shosse” club for the afterparty.

^ Where and When: The 4th Russian J-Rock Convention 2009 will take place in the Entertainment Center of “Podshipnik” Plant. The large hall of the center holds 1070 seats.

First day:
August, 15

Competition and Show in the " Entertainment Center of “Podshipnik” Plant", from 12:00 to 21:00
Address: Melnikova street, h. 7
”Proletarskaya” metro station, 1st car from center, first turn to the right after exit, take any transport to the "Melnikova street” stop

Second day:
August, 17

Afterparty, "Shosse” Club, 17.00 - 23:00
Address: “Aviamotornaya” metro station, proezd Entuziastov, 15
Tickets for the show will be available at the entrance on August, 15 or in advance (contact us at jrockfest@narod.ru).

J-Rock Convention:

Doors open on 11:30 AM

15/08 Competition (~13:00 - 19:00)
- “Fanart” contest (the works will be displayed in the lobby during the first day, the prizes will be awarded at the Awards Ceremony)
- “Karaoke”
- “Cosplay defile” (single character/a group)
- “Cosplay show”
- “Lolita Defile”

- “Original Defile”
- “Fanfiction”
- “Off Standards”

- “Photography” contests (displayed in the lobby)

Show (winners of J-Rock Convention 2008, Guests)

Awards ceremony. “Jury’s Choice” and “Audience Choice” awards.

16/08 Afterparty, “Shosse” club (17:00 - 22:30). See details at the 4th J-rock Convention home page


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